Riot employers are corrupted and abuse their power daily.

*sigh*...Recently this day i was playing against one of the riot employers with my friend. We had a good game and my team won. The thing was that facing a riot employers we wanted to have some fun so my friend and i started typing with him. When he did bad things and failed we gave him jokes aswell played when he flashed into a wall...afterall he was bronze V so what did i suspect. In the game i think my friend typed wp to him when he did bad things and like tbaged him sometimes when he rekt him in 1v1(ctrl+4). When later the day he signed in he got perma baned.... So i say why the fuck did that happend? Basicly the riot employer we faced had baned him for no reason. He was abusing his power...but afterall what do i suspect... all ppl that get admin sooner or later abuse it. And my friend hadn't got any penatly before....I'm not toxic at all im just wondering why riot employers can abuse their power when ever they want?
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