Exact problem with the league community

Now, i have never done this before but this is honestly the exact reason why so many people quit league. I know full well that riot doesn't care about its players but this has been an ongoing, consistent problem since the game came out. Riot eventually will have to address these issues because the current systems in place do nothing but randomly decide who should get a slap on the wrist punishment for intentionally ruining 4 other people's games. On to the actual post. I'm low-mid elo, was in promo's to plat 2. I'm a support main, have been trying to broaden my support pool outside of just thresh and Lux. Was playing as Karma, and everyone who has ever played karma knows it's extremely easy to poke the enemy bot lane by hitting the ranged minions with your Q as it's basically impossible to miss. The vayne that I was unfortunately stuck playing with didn't like that I was shoving the wave by poking. We were against an Ezreal/Nami. Shoving the wave is exactly what you want to do instead of giving them lane control and letting ezreal get constant free cs and klepto procs. Said vayne continues to rage at me for q'ing the wave, recalls with full hp/mana and only enough gold for a dagger. Then proceeds to walk continuously to lane tower, recall, and repeat. This continued for 4 minutes until I bought mobis and decided helping my team was the safest option. We were winning a 4v5 situation but Vayne actually wasn't even csing, she would auto the wave like 3 times and then recall back. They decided to finally rage quit at around the 25 minute mark. A report was issued by some of the players (the enemy team was very happy that vayne was griefing the entire team). How has riot not fixed this issue? How has the toxicity not been addressed in any way shape or form? They "implement systems to catch toxic gameplay" but I have never in my life heard of someone actually getting in trouble for this. As long as you don't say forbidden words, you can do whatever you want and riot essentially condones it. Sorry for the rant, just sharing my 2 cents.
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