So apparently calling people "boomer" is toxic?

This is the chat log, that I got a 25 game chat restriction for. Calling a boomer and taunting people is apparently too toxic for the community nowadays? I am confused as to the reasoning for this ban. Is banter just not allowed these days? Am I not allowed to respond to the enemy who is constantly taunting me with insults? Because using the word "boomer" is just way too toxic I guess. omegalul{{champion:17}} Chat log below: Game 3 In-Game IØIØI: ok bud IØIØI: how did that lvl 1 cheese go for u? IØIØI: ok boomer IØIØI: good luck with that IØIØI: nice q IØIØI: look at this try hard boomer IØIØI: nice cs tho IØIØI: boomer IØIØI: ouch IØIØI: look at this boomer IØIØI: look at these try hards IØIØI: these boomers are fuming IØIØI: LMFAO IØIØI: h'es challenger btw IØIØI: reported for what? IØIØI: good luck with that IØIØI: still ahead of u IØIØI: it's not doing a lot IØIØI: considering it's a 4v5 IØIØI: this boomer is so mad IØIØI: imagine being ignored in all chat shaco IØIØI: u hate to see it IØIØI: ez IØIØI: oh the challenger shaco IØIØI: is still typing IØIØI: this shaco is so mad IØIØI: that he's smurfing from an iron 4 account IØIØI: but claims to be in challenger IØIØI: yea, i could tell IØIØI: but apprently he's challenger IØIØI: he was flexing his main rank in lobby lmfao IØIØI: EZ IØIØI: we take those IØIØI: boomer is mad IØIØI: he's trying so hard IØIØI: gg ez boomers
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