Please Disable Normal Blind Pick and add a Normal Quick Match

I am tired of players instalocking and trolling if they do not get what they want. Why do you insist on having a queue type that promotes bad behaviour? If people ask nicely, I tend to give them my desired role (support) unless I am premade and we want to play a certain composition. My problem is that there is no real punishment for players who instalock, nor is there a way to display that one called positions first because of the difference in server latency, which results in calls showing up differently on different screens. This results in so much trolling and quarreling that I am having less fun in LoL at the moment. Draft Pick takes too much time. I might as well play ranked, but then there is less room for fun experimentation. --- **I suggest a new queue type called _Normal Quick Match_ where the rules are as follows:** - Players pick their roles, champions, masteries and runes, then join the queue - They are matched with players who fill the other positions and who have pre-selected different champions - You get 20 seconds to trade champions and change your loadout - You cannot select the champion another player has pre-selected, but you can trade - You are allowed to trade several times within the 20 seconds --- This queue can be improved further by adding small IP bonuses to players who do not get reported after X matches, which can grow over time. Getting reported, if the report results in punishment, results in a full bonus loss. Players can get the bonus back, but start from scratch. --- The idea is to get rid of instalocking and the calling phase, where it can be hard to discern who actually called the respective roles. I have never had to wait that long in Heroes of the Storm, despite Quick Match being structured like the old Team Builder. Draft Queue is not something I want, as it takes too much time with the picks and bans, and I have found the amount of leavers in Draft to be extreme. I hate when people leave after picks and bans. I have had to deal with that four times in a row... It is not something I enjoy.
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