Revised/Reposed:So people who hack you, and gift themselves through your account don't get punished

Yeah so this stupid f*ing person Gifted their account (username removed) some skins. I reported it to riot after the locked my account due to suspicious activity. This(username removed) kid is still play daily after half a month of no action. They said they can't tell me how they will act, but you can see someones account and on if they are playing. So thanks riot for not protecting your clients. This is dumb I even spoke to someone on the live riot support line, and gave them the persons name, and they just get to keep playing even though they should lose their privilege to play. Let me clarify, this person must have been someone I added at some point. But after(username removed) was gifted they were removed from my friends list, and than they proceeded to message one of the other people on my friends list and I quote "Hi. what kind of skin u love ?" And the only person gifted was was removed from my friends list. Sorry I did not clarify this. I have waited over half a month, and it is with out a doubt this person seems pretty incriminating. I understand not wanting to ban someone out right, but I have the right to be upset this is theft and it is a crime and I get to sit here with my thumb up my A** and not aloud to now the person who committed the crime, even though it is my right to take them to court. Instead i get reimbursed RP. And told it is OK They will handle it.
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