Unfair punishment towards victims of dishonorable behavior

Hello, i have recently received a 10 game chat restriction (i will post the full chat log) which i feel has been unfairly given to me as a result of me standing up for the rules. i was playing a ranked game in which one of our teammates continued to troll our team from the start, giving us a hard time and telling us that they'd feed making it so the other team wins. i continued to tell this player that if they choose to intentionally feed i would report them. This player then ran it down several more times dying on purpose and flamed our team. i did not use profanity, racism, or pick on an innocent player. i clearly stated to a player that openly stated in chat that their intent was to throw the game for us that if they continue to negatively impact the game for myself and others that i will report them for doing so. Pre-Game Chat [2019-10-20 16:15:03 PDT] waverider411: bot In-Game Chat [0:25] waverider411 (Morgana): invade? [1:42] waverider411 (Morgana): naw just be here when the game starts [1:47] waverider411 (Morgana): not 2 min in [4:34] [All] waverider411 (Morgana): how many heals did u get right there wtf [6:09] waverider411 (Morgana): u throw youre getting reported olaf [6:21] waverider411 (Morgana): u already said u can make it happen in chat [6:41] [All] waverider411 (Morgana): olaf in now inting [6:51] [All] waverider411 (Morgana): gotta love 3v3s.. [7:20] waverider411 (Morgana): u already said u can make it happen so the other team wins i have it in chat [7:44] waverider411 (Morgana): your inting [7:52] waverider411 (Morgana): enjoy the ban [8:05] waverider411 (Morgana): nope [8:11] waverider411 (Morgana): im tired of ppl like u inting tho [8:20] waverider411 (Morgana): then play for real [9:37] [All] waverider411 (Morgana): i have popped off on him at all this kid is a troll [9:59] waverider411 (Morgana): excuses [10:23] waverider411 (Morgana): no we arent.. [10:38] waverider411 (Morgana): yeah youre reported XD [11:10] waverider411 (Morgana): yes please continue give me more to report you for [11:34] waverider411 (Morgana): i have it.. and ur [11:53] waverider411 (Morgana): and ur chat screen shotted [12:14] waverider411 (Morgana): u sound like a child please stop [14:06] waverider411 (Morgana): i havent said anything about rumble [14:10] waverider411 (Morgana): he wants to end cause of you Post-Game Chat [2019-10-20 16:34:41 PDT] waverider411: 3v3s is so toxic After the game had finished i received a chat restriction and penalties to my account dropping me from honor 5 to honor 1 with a lock preventing me from gaining honor or receiving rewards until it was removed. With it being the end of the season it is impossible for me to acquire honor level 2 in time for the end of the season meaning all the positive behavior ive displayed during the whole season has been thrown away, while someone who was actually toxic during the season is able to raise their honor level back up and acquire the end of season rewards due to them not having such time restraints. i filed an appeal to riot support asking why ive been punished for my chat and was told the following ''The thing is chat is in the game to help your team and to be a positive encouraging force, not to police others. We handle that part with the Instant Feedback System! If someone is breaking the rules, all you need to do is report them after the game!'' Riot support is telling its players that they're not allowed to stand up to dishonorable behavior even if its in a way that doesn't use profanity , racism, or harsh words. i feel that this instance is not being looked at fully and that i am just being pushed aside into the pile of report appeals. i have never received any form of negative punishment or feedback towards my account and ive played since season 2. Riot support is supposed to be their to help their players but right now i dont feel very supported. All i did was ask this player to follow the rules and stop negatively impacting the game for us or that ill have to report them for doing so. i have also received these comments within my ticket... Sanguinedogma states the restrictions were issued due to the following but i disagree, ''After reviewing your account, I can see that this chat restriction was correctly placed for negative chat behavior. Specifically, for arguing with your teammates, calling them out on their performance, or for making a mistake, and contributing to an overall negative game atmosphere that impacted your fellow Summoners.'' For starters i didnt argue with that player i repeated myself that ill report them if they continue to openly feed which they said in chat they were going to make happen. Secondly, i wasnt calling someone out on their performance, i told them to stop inting because they said they were going to int then ran it down a few times. Third, i couldnt of called them out for making a mistake when it clearly isnt a mistake if theyre saying in chat that its their intent before they do it. Lastly, how can telling a player who is openly saying that theyre going to negatively impact the game for the whole team to stop negatively impacting the game for others? am i not allowed to defend myself or other players? The Orphan also states that ''It's best to avoid telling other players you're reporting them or telling another player to "report X player" as it takes away from focusing on the game and other players start arguing about who should report who, what's 'reportable,' etc. We only need one report to take action on a player, so as long as you report them after the game you don't need to ask for more or threaten a player you're reporting them.'' I didnt tell anyone else to report this player i said i was going to if they continued to purposely ruin our teams experience. This is saying players arent allowed to state that theyre going to report another player which is wrong. How are you going to censor or punish someone for non-offensive speech, when im saying im going to report a player for truthful and intentional negative behavior which not only negatively impacted the game for myself but our fellow teammates loosing them LP in the process. Its not threatening another player if theyre at fault, i would understand the punishment if i was picking on a innocent player but in this instance that is not the case. i was openly enforcing the rules and im now being punished for it.
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