Why is abusing the jungler allowed?

If someone gets told negative things regularly, almost constantly, in normal circumstances people would think that's bad and almost considered abusive. Playing as a jungler can almost be abusive in some cases. Recently there was a thread where people voted for the role they mained, https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/7vn056/what_role_do_you_main_strawpoll/ the results were: adc - 23% supp - 21% mid - 20% top - 19% jungle - 17% Jungle being at the bottom. The role that technically has the most freedom and hence should be attractive too many people is surprisingly at the bottom. Wouldn't be surprised if this is due too the toxic experience ANY jungler will go through if they play enough games in a day. Blaming the jungler is almost considered a meme because it happens so often. However, the light hearted allowance of this can result in a harsh negative feedback loop experience for many junglers. They are ignored in regards too praise in the games they carry. Any game where the enemy jungler snowballs first, or the laner just is incompetent but then looks for external sources too blame, the first one too be blamed is the jungler. If you try and respond you will most likely be harassed by the entire team. Getting permanently harassed by laners every other game can be harsh for your subjective experience of the game. There are times when I've literally stopped playing jungle at all for long periods, because of the harsh constant abuse directed at me that stacks up due too it's common-ness. I end up coming back too jungle however, simply because I enjoy the freedom of the role. However, again.. the negative spiral happens. If I had too report these flamers, I would report every other game (probably every 3 games). It's fine if you play irregulalarly as you'll forget about the last couple of games easily, but if you play enough in one sitting regularly enough, it's easy for the negatives too stack up. I just want too raise awareness, because who knows, I'd consider junglers too be a marginalised group in some cases due too the toxic experiences that only they go through. No one else gets treated as poorly as junglers on a regular basis. Any other role I play, I get 0 abuse. -- Also before people say, mute all. So I am not allowed too experience the social experience of chat, simply because I play jungle, and hence free to abuse.
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