Excuse me?

In what parallel universe do we live where things like these happen? A similar set of logs got me INSTANTLY 2 week banned from honor 3, no chat restriction, no prior offense, and now this? What is wrong with this company? What delusions exist in the brains of the game devs at work here? Game 1 Pre-Game Bloodloss: is opgg down or something? Bloodloss: huh Bloodloss: k then Bloodloss: no idea what that is Bloodloss: but alright Bloodloss: clearly Bloodloss: I'd love to check something from my last game Bloodloss: but I guess not Bloodloss: because I 1v9 carried the game lmfao Bloodloss: https://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=Hok%C3%A4ge Bloodloss: finally, it works Bloodloss: ;D In-Game Bloodloss: we'll give it to you anyway Bloodloss: there you go boss Bloodloss: getting smashed in lane? just ask your babysitter to come over Bloodloss: idk when junglers Bloodloss: will learn Bloodloss: to sit botlane Bloodloss: I guess we need S7 again Bloodloss: idk Bloodloss: dont like laning 2v3 Bloodloss: Nope Bloodloss: I dont like to PLAY in a real elo Bloodloss: xd Bloodloss: freeze bot I guess Bloodloss: since we're laning 2v3 indefinitely Bloodloss: XD Bloodloss: XDDDDDD Bloodloss: RUN Bloodloss: damn those ganks really paid off Bloodloss: garbage lol Bloodloss: flash what Bloodloss: flash Bloodloss: what Bloodloss: More please Bloodloss: got them after I died Bloodloss: and even if i used summs Bloodloss: im dead Bloodloss: lmfao Bloodloss: thanks for your lp Bloodloss: Spam gank a botlane Bloodloss: and lose anyway Bloodloss: XDDDDD Bloodloss: why would I Bloodloss: does it tilt you Bloodloss: Youre flashing under your towert Bloodloss: from me Bloodloss: LOL Bloodloss: Down cs, a tower and xp Bloodloss: 80% slow with invis tentacles Bloodloss: xd Bloodloss: pro tip, dont go fleet on kaisa Bloodloss: any pro player Bloodloss: who would tell you the same Bloodloss: XDDDDDDD Bloodloss: XDDDDDDDDD Bloodloss: Thats why he doesnt lmfao Bloodloss: yikes Bloodloss: you have no idea what fleet does Bloodloss: And youre taking it cause you saw someone use it once Bloodloss: Making assumptions about me lmfao Bloodloss: yikes Bloodloss: yikes players Bloodloss: ngl Bloodloss: its ok Bloodloss: camp mid Bloodloss: you get far in life Bloodloss: ;D Bloodloss: nice flash Bloodloss: btw Bloodloss: I mean Bloodloss: Id be angry too Bloodloss: if I was hardstuck Bloodloss: In low elo Bloodloss: So I cant blame you Bloodloss: imagine thinking kda matters Bloodloss: jesus Bloodloss: What is this, LEC? Bloodloss: ?? Bloodloss: youre at 2 and a half items Bloodloss: Im at one and a half Bloodloss: expected my team to not be afk Bloodloss: But theyre busy wintrading Bloodloss: kk kiddo Bloodloss: 388 games 46% Bloodloss: must be rough Bloodloss: 389 games Bloodloss: 46% Bloodloss: yikes Bloodloss: cant Bloodloss: have no teammates Bloodloss: uhm Bloodloss: youre all Bloodloss: trolling Bloodloss: report what Bloodloss: all four of you Bloodloss: spent 25 mins Bloodloss: griefing me Bloodloss: report me for what Bloodloss: clearly Bloodloss: thast why youre hardstuck Bloodloss: rofl Bloodloss: how about Bloodloss: you Bloodloss: play the game Bloodloss: and dont tell me what to do Bloodloss: lmfao Bloodloss: considering you had a jungler Bloodloss: 4 griefers pogU Bloodloss: yikes player Bloodloss: nice bounty system btw Bloodloss: XD Bloodloss: XDDDDDDDDD Bloodloss: giga random Bloodloss: ty for lp Post-Game Bloodloss: report me cause you played poorly Bloodloss: I guess Bloodloss: nothing to enjoy Bloodloss: after playing with you people Bloodloss: sadly Bloodloss: nice 3v2 lane bot Bloodloss: you sure did good Bloodloss: with it Bloodloss: youre welcome for the lp warwick NOTHING short of praise can be said, you could have people openly trolling, griefing, wintrading, intentionally feeding, any of the above, and you will NEVER get punished for ANY of it, but god forbid you tell someone they shouldn't troll you? INSTANT permaban. Meanwhile enemy chat is busy spamming toxicity 24/7 but it doesnt matter when the entire game decides to gang up on you, the sheer volume of reports simply matters more I guess. Good stuff, democracy at its peak when 9 godawful players have the say over one person who knows what theyre doing. Cool! By the way, my account was obviously undeserving of a ban, this is sheer hilarity.
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