i think the "inting sion" strategy causes more harm than it does good

as someone who loves to splitpush (because i suck at 5v5) this strat is literally what i always wanted. you are tanky, you waste the enemys time, you destroy their base. but: the person who did this "first" is a diamond player. diamond players tend to do drake or bot towers when they see 3-4 enemys in top. low elo players tend to spam pings more than they do damage to minions. inting is still hard to detect: im sure in 99% of int bans it comes down to a manual review. and so far it happened twice to me that i saw a sion walk into tower range, die and dance in his passive and not even try to damage the tower and then says "check reddit guys im doing the 'inting sion' strat" so yeah it is a legit excuse that will only get banned if manual reviews happen. and they are rare to come by. and last: this player tries to not die until he has his {{item:3748}} done. if you just push the first wave and then go like "idc if i die, i attack tower" then you cause more harm once again. not only will you fall behind way too fast, you also will take forever to get to that itempoint where you are unkillable AND have the godlike push power. i have to be honest. i dont want to be riot in this situation. it reminds me of the "ascension - pacifist strat" where players didnt kill a single enemy and kept them hostage until they surrenderd. at first riot punished these players. then i read posts saying they got unbanned and now riot allows recalling in ascension so this strat doesnt work anymore (btw it still does. you can still use {{item:3751}} burn to cancel a recall and pretty much every champ has enough lifereg to not die from it) but in my opinion, this strategy should be banned. sadly. as i used it myself and it was super fun and i won 4 out of 4 games where i tried it. also i have to question the balance team here. you have a champion who goes like 1,5 dmg items first (titanic + steraks counts as 0.5 as it gives also tankyness) who goes like 0/10 and you need 3+ players to kill him because he is too tanky and destroys your paper i mean your tower. maybe you should rethink how tanks work in general? idk. going 0/10 and being able to keep 3 or more players busy? sounds a bit broken.
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