Permabanned After A Single Game With No Bad Language Or Flame

Game 1 Pre-Game duvey: Wow duvey: Everyone's so scared of Shaco now. duvey: Lol duvey: Yeah, but he's not good for randos duvey: He's still only good for people who play him a lot duvey: But yeah, 9/10 times if someone's picking Shaco, they either one trick him or play him a ton. duvey: So I guess banning him out while he's strong isn't a bad idea. Lol. duvey: But if you just picked him up like you might Garen on a strong patch, you'd just feed your ass off. duvey: Sucks though. duvey: I one trick him and I've only played him in 1 of my last 4 gmaes. In-Game All of this is just rando banter with the enemy team. Nothing toxic. duvey: Hey duvey: Whoever banned shaco duvey: Frick you duvey: :( duvey: I haven't got to play my clown since 9.20 dropped. duvey: I just wanna enjoy the buffs he deserved. duvey: Lol duvey: I called that duvey: Everytime he gets buffed duvey: He gets nerfed in the next patch duvey: Shaco's not op, though duvey: IT's just that everyone who plays him duvey: Has like, a thousand games on him duvey: lmao duvey: nobody just randomly picks him up Actual game chat duvey: what? duvey: That range was insane, wtf? duvey: Also, Lux Veig no f Khazix has been bot 3 times and our Twitch is 0-3 duvey: There's no point duvey: We have no jungler duvey: YEah, because they literalljust flash duvey: Awesome duvey: Twitch is just trolling duvey: And blaming everyone else Khazix is sitting in a warded bush and Twitch walks up without autoing and just dies. He was obviously running it down duvey: And now he's inting duvey: Lmao duvey: That was the most obvious trolling ever. I'm getting flamed by my mid and jungler for having as much CS as the ADC as support Neeko. I had that CS because Twitch was literally dead on cooldown and it's dumb to think I'm supposed to just let it die just because my AD is dying constantly and is never in lane. That's just insane. duvey: Yeah duvey: Because my ad is never in lane duvey: Because he's always dead duvey: You think I'm just supposed to sit there and not CS when he can never get it? duvey: That's dumb duvey: lmao duvey: Zero vi ganks in 10 mins duvey: 4 kha ganks duvey: nice duvey: wonder why bot's losing duvey: yeah duvey: my vision score keeps us from getting camped Literally the only inflamatory think I say here is "shut up" because our mid laner and jungler has been spam pinging and raging in chat literally all game and losing their minds. duvey: shut up duvey: jesus duvey: this is why you people are hardstuck gold duvey: nope duvey: Lmao duvey: They think I'm taking ADC's farm duvey: When in reality duvey: He's just dead all the time Ekko has literally not stopped crying about the team this entire game. duvey: LMAO duvey: Ekko crying about EVERYTHING duvey: how sad duvey: You cry about me coming mid duvey: You cry about me going bot duvey: you just cry Twitch complaining that he keeps dying every time he goes bot. duvey: then stop going bot duvey: iof you keep dying duvey: I don't know if that's rocket science Post-Game duvey: Hmm duvey: That gold macro duvey: "Hey, we're severely down like 10k gold and they have 4 fed carries? What should we do?" duvey: "I know! Let's 4v4 at dragon!" duvey: Lol Don't you dare tell me that Riot's permaban system isn't 100% automated by a robot and is somehow this game was looked over by a live human being who thought this was permaban material. There is no second game here, by the way. This is literally the only game I've played. What the fuck, Riot? There is no such thing as "manual review". This ban was performed by a bot and I demand an actual human being look over this.
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