Severity of Punishments, Especially near Season End

So I am an honor 5 player. I was until I had one bad game where I lost my temper. I had an inting support, and I made the mistake of calling him a R%%%%%. I then tried to get the team to FF which they refused to do. Turns out they were a premade and all reported me. I went from Honor 5 to Honor 0 and had a 10 game chat restriction. Sadly this happened with less than 2 months left in the season. Now, I admit I was wrong. I should not call people r%%%%%s, or grief my team by continuously trying to FF when they clearly dont want to give up. I agree with the 10 game chat restriction, it is a fair penalty that makes you think twice about what you say to others in game. The part I really do not like about this is that Riot does not consider your past history at all when handing out the punishment. For a player who is regularly honor 5 and has ONE bad game, it seems like overkill to send them from 5-0. The worst part is that Riot also does not consider how close you are to season end when this sort of thing happens. I could be a jerk and get punished early in the season and easily climb back to honor 2 for the season end rewards. But if you mess up late in the season you are screwed. I have even played extra games since the incident to try and get my honor back. I probably have over 300 honors in a month, and I am sitting at honor 1, checkpoint 1. There is basically no way I can get back to honor 2 in time for the season end. I feel like the system currently encourages infinite trolling early in the season followed by this legit fear of losing honor at the end of the season. This seems imbalanced to me in terms of the weight of bad behavior related to the time of the season. I also think it is unfair not to consider the users history when determining how much honor they need to rise through the levels. Basically I am bummed I will miss out on the season end rewards, despite being honor 5 for 99% of the season, only getting reported 1 time in years, and even collecting large amounts of honor to no avail since then.

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