Permanent Account Bans for Chat Toxicity is an Excessive punishment, Perma Chat ban

The Punishment isn't fitting the crime, and their just making a new account anyway Fair enough player is toxic permanently ban their chat not their Banning the account will losing funding, fans, and desire for summoners to play as we arnt being respected Nor is any care given to why such is happening and wheater there is a better way There could be many underlying mental health issues causing such I was a toxic player and my main has over $1000 worth off skins and such many i can never get back Not too mention was 5 years off punishments and many attempts via me to improve with my bipolar and anti-social disorders I would understand permanent account ban if I was using 3rd party programs to bot or hack and modify gameplay in any way shape or form. Imagine if we sold a tv, or a deck off playing cards, and the person had the worst attitude and turned out to be a serial killler. Are you entittled to take the tv back? NO, why consumer LAW But such is what they are doing, it is illegal and they are getting away with it because they are such a big corporation killing ants (Summoners) with their thumbs This isnt encouraging better behavior this is making punishments worthless and pointless. Not too mention throwing away $Million annually in Financial support I still play I have 2 other accounts now 1 with level 3 honorability. Permanently banning accounts for chat toxicity is not having a positive effect It is losing track of who is or was toxic what I am suggesting is harsher Chat penalties 3 month chat ban 6 months 12months and a permanent chat ban Taking people accounts away completely is wrong and losing fans, funding and just releasing toxic player back into the game on a new account anyway It's simply not having a good effect

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