Leaver Buster punishing you even if you reconnect

I started up a game and my power got cycled or something. All my electronics restarted. Router and computer. I reconnected as soon as I could and did my best in the game. We won. I get to end game screen and have Leaver status and still lose LP even though I came back and did my best to help my team. I get that Leaver Buster is made to punish leavers but that's the thing I came back. If it punishes you whether you come back or not then whats the point of even coming back after something like what happened to me? If the person reconnects let the players report them for being AFK. Make Leaver Buster auto punish the people who never reconnect or are still disconnected at the end of the match. Otherwise people might not bother even trying to reconnect.
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