OK Seriously Riot 10 game chat banned!?!?

Game 1 In-Game Ambient Snow: i hate assassin supports who pick ap supports cause they don't want to support Ambient Snow: hey ryze missing some one? Ambient Snow: putting up surrender at 15 Ambient Snow: pls leave.. Ambient Snow: like i get you don't want to support.. Ambient Snow: but like come on pick a decent support.. soo many better support then lux Ambient Snow: for what? Ambient Snow: you're 1-4.. and he's 4-0. Ambient Snow: the heck you smoking Ambient Snow: i mean i'm not being toxic but really this looks non winnable Ambient Snow: how do you vote no on this? Ambient Snow: says a yasou? Ambient Snow: that literally is one of the least skill and most bs.. champs in the game current? Ambient Snow: yes.. i have and he really isn't that skill orientated Ambient Snow: not really just know when to push R when you team or you knock some one up Ambient Snow: and know to build straight damage after phantom Ambient Snow: -.-... Ambient Snow: it won't be over in 30 sadly Ambient Snow: i can't split push and we have no wards.. kinda hurting us Ambient Snow: but if you're going to int feed that would spead it pu Ambient Snow: dude we have no wards and you ulted into a 1v5 Ambient Snow: i'm all for them taking it .. Ambient Snow: enjoy the reports Ambient Snow: meh nice win i suppose.. grats.. just here to report sion for rage quitting Ambient Snow: you guys do know sions not afk he's there typing and playing still Ambient Snow: he would have been disconnected by now if was really eafk Ambient Snow: its what ever.. we had bad bans.. , bad team comp a rage quitter.. and so on but its what ever wp i guess Ambient Snow: not really Post-Game Ambient Snow: not really .. Ambient Snow: just sion that need to be reported for rage quitting and leaving Ambient Snow: and the rest was bad picks and so on Ambient Snow: shouldn't be playing league if you gotta go to work in 20 Ambient Snow: well i reported him Ambient Snow: games last about 40 min Ambient Snow: i can't fully blame your duo queue sion Ambient Snow: lux.. was pretty bad. i hate ap supports who pick a kill support.. cause they don't want to support Game 2 In-Game Ambient Snow: dude you're not doing any thing with it.. you haven't even ganked yet Ambient Snow: and done i accept this loss Ambient Snow: blitz hush you have no room to be talking at all.. you literally haven't even warded most this match Ambient Snow: blitz we all have more wards placed then you Ambient Snow: i don't get how you rank higher yet teams become trollier.. Ambient Snow: yea mine is just umm split push happy Ambient Snow: honestly stopped caring when blitz started watching people die.. and just sat in bushes Ambient Snow: i mean i accept the loss just sad.. Ambient Snow: un warded jungle blitz.. un warded.. Post-Game Ambient Snow: dude.. all you did was bitch all game.. Ambient Snow: you like never warded.. then wondered why people wouldn't following you into a un warded jungle Ambient Snow: you refused to help your team several times Ambient Snow: saying " nope." Ambient Snow: you warded less then the 4 members of the team Ambient Snow: you literally did nothing all game but bitch.. and demand people get reported Ambient Snow: you didn't finish your support item Ambient Snow: you didn't use it to collect gold which is why you never got it past 500 to get your wards Ambient Snow: you didn't buy one red ward Ambient Snow: you didn't by boots Ambient Snow: need i go on Ambient Snow: bronze 4 0 points Ambient Snow: DO not support.. in ranked till you learn the basics Ambient Snow: period Ambient Snow: look at my previous games it work.s. just not when your team feeds Ambient Snow: i can't fully blame blitz i have a 11-14 kayne Ambient Snow: you got 2 inferno drakes Ambient Snow: it is.. but again.. you gotta be smart with it.. Ambient Snow: you just had a great support Ambient Snow: brand knew how to harass and knew how to lane..a nd your other lanes Ambient Snow: knew how to keep it up Ambient Snow: honestly the only reason you won was because quinn Bitch slapped the frick out of our team Ambient Snow: but its fine.. i've carried games before with jinx.. this game was just meh.. can't win them all Ambient Snow: dude you would pull brand and he would ult you Ambient Snow: i'm not getting close to that shit Ambient Snow: ... Ambient Snow: bronze 4 people telling me how to play Ambient Snow: -.- yea makes sense Seriously how is this even chat ban worthy? like holy frick riot.. are people just not allowed to voice their opinions.. game 1, i had a sion who rage quit and left the game. claiming he had to go to work at the 20 min mark and the game lasted for 38 minutes. i had a lux who didn't want to play support and pick a AP assassin " and am i not allowed to vent about a comp i don't agree with?" like seriously its my own personal opinion i don't like lux supports. I didn't complain about it all game i just said it that one time. She fed bottom lane, chasing after a teemo support am i not allowed to get frustrated???? Game 2. My blitz a trolled, he would walk up grab a champion then stand there as he got blown up .. then spam bings. and complain that no one helped him and then did it again. like holy crap??? again i get trolled by some one i get frustarted. I don't curse i don't rage i just defend myself and my team members when he's raging and i get reported for being toxic??? Riot, Come on. You're becoming like the fricken NFL You can't even talk in chat now with out some one taking it as being horribly toxic and you get reported. like shit. GO AFTER THE PEOPLE WHO ARE ACTUALLY BEING TOXIC AND TROLLING and leave those people who are just Frustration venting alone THIS IS GETTING RIDICULOUS NOW.
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