14 day ban - no 25 game chat restriction prior, here are the logs.

So, I got 14 day banned today. Last year as in 2018 around this time at end of season I had been 10 day chat restricted twice, since then I have went up the honor system from 0 checkpoint 0 to honor lvl 3 at the last checkpoint. I had some very frustrating games and got instantly got a 14 day ban with threat for perm ban on next infraction. Based on these logs and over a year of honorable behavior I think that is pretty unjust. I have no motivation to edit the logs I will just copy paste them so you can read them and discuss what you think. I will not be offended if you think that the conduct was inappropriate or out of line, which I would tentatively agree. I will also not be offended if you think the punishment was reasonable, though I will strongly but respectfully disagree. Here are the logs Game 1 In-Game ChristmasTime: red start ChristmasTime: teemo leashing panth ChristmasTime: teemo no f ChristmasTime: stop die ChristmasTime: y u not come for the last 5 min when f was down lol ChristmasTime: how ChristmasTime: did they roll 4 platersw in every roll ChristmasTime: that are significantly beter ChristmasTime: than u ChristmasTime: how ChristmasTime: fuk ni ChristmasTime: how am i toxic lmao ChristmasTime: jg ChristmasTime: doesnt come top ChristmasTime: for 109 min with no top f ChristmasTime: and you 3 flame eachother ChristmasTime: while all of u feed ChristmasTime: make the game unwinable for me ChristmasTime: completely ChristmasTime: ? ChristmasTime: dude this is over ChristmasTime: u think i give a shit aovut u fucking dying to my laner for free ChristmasTime: after u fuked around all game with bot and mid ChristmasTime: when they are clearly animals ChristmasTime: and my laner had no sums ChristmasTime: like ChristmasTime: fuk ChristmasTime: LOL ChristmasTime: UR LVL 6 ChristmasTime: mute report move on - sena ChristmasTime: wp enemy team ChristmasTime: good thing nothing we did top mattered teemo ChristmasTime: funny that u didnt see sej til ur flash was back up lul ChristmasTime: can we say yes now pls ChristmasTime: LOL ChristmasTime: PEACE ChristmasTime: fuking troll no voter ChristmasTime: DONT PING ME ChristmasTime: U NO VOTE TRASH ChristmasTime: good luck ChristmasTime: nah u getting reported ChristmasTime: HOW IS THAT TOXIC ChristmasTime: 'u saw him in river' isnt toxic ChristmasTime: u guys are so insecure ChristmasTime: if people mention something negative about your play u start crying ChristmasTime: why cant i leave this prision ChristmasTime: wtf ChristmasTime: dude cry some more ChristmasTime: like ur actually just so sensitive ChristmasTime: yea really ChristmasTime: you dont care ChristmasTime: but u spent 23 minute ChristmasTime: flaming ChristmasTime: and telling poeple ChristmasTime: that there reported ChristmasTime: ok ChristmasTime: bud ChristmasTime: if u dindt care ChristmasTime: u would just not type ChristmasTime: yes really ChristmasTime: why are u typing to me ChristmasTime: u dont care ChristmasTime: u obviously dont care about winning ChristmasTime: based on your play ChristmasTime: so i guess thats consistent ChristmasTime: IM CAMILLE ChristmasTime: I SPLTI ChristmasTime: holy shit ChristmasTime: u made the game unwinablel Post-Game ChristmasTime: bro ChristmasTime: " u gave up before any of us" ChristmasTime: wtf no ChristmasTime: u legit made the game so ahrd ChristmasTime: becaues udied ChristmasTime: 6 times in lane ChristmasTime: before 5 minutes ChristmasTime: like what ChristmasTime: that isnt even possible almost Game 2 Pre-Game ChristmasTime: kk In-Game ChristmasTime: xd ChristmasTime: XD ChristmasTime: im dead ChristmasTime: holy shit ChristmasTime: not only u not push in u take every cs ChristmasTime: and xp ChristmasTime: ya ChristmasTime: lmao ChristmasTime: zzzz ChristmasTime: this guy is =humping my lane ChristmasTime: x d ChristmasTime: "solo killed" ChristmasTime: r%%%%% over here in the clown suit ChristmasTime: their jg been mid 10 times ChristmasTime: u came ChristmasTime: didnt pushy ChristmasTime: and taxed 2 waves of xp and over half the cs ChristmasTime: then left ChristmasTime: like wtf u on bro ChristmasTime: bros ! ChristmasTime: stfu ChristmasTime: if u cant see the massive jg diff for mid lane specfically this game as a jungler ChristmasTime: i dont know what to tell u ChristmasTime: like i rely dont ChristmasTime: u take ChristmasTime: o ChristmasTime: mal is cutting my wave ChristmasTime: wheni m 100 g off item ChristmasTime: ^ ChristmasTime: i mean yall pinged the crab ChristmasTime: but then ChristmasTime: 3 out of 5 ChristmasTime: left ChristmasTime: the crab ChristmasTime: let me b ChristmasTime: have item and tp ChristmasTime: ..... ChristmasTime: ? ChristmasTime: can u read ChristmasTime: i have tp ChristmasTime: all u have to do is not die ChristmasTime: for legit ChristmasTime: 5 sec ChristmasTime: wtf ChristmasTime: why ChristmasTime: are u guys so afraid ChristmasTime: walk up and take there ward ChristmasTime: we jsut picked mid ChristmasTime: XD ChristmasTime: \ ChristmasTime: u are legit ChristmasTime: liek ChristmasTime: cant believe ChristmasTime: its possible to see the game ChristmasTime: the way you do ChristmasTime: like ChristmasTime: actually braind dead roll ChristmasTime: prob just cheese gank your way up plat ChristmasTime: with no brain
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