It's super disheartening

Seeing your teammates just implode and self destruct. Seeing allies progressively get more and more tilted. Watching as your slim chance of winning disappears because your team is more busy playing the blame and flame game over league of legends. Look I get it- teammates make mistakes, and they can be frustrating. But EVERYONE makes mistakes. It does nobody any good to sit there and flame back and forth. Great, someone may have not punished their laner's roaming as well as they should have. Great. What is flaming someone for minutes on end going to do about it? Why don't we actually focus on the game and focus on what we can do at the moment? If it happens that we can't possibly win then we can surrender, but this self destructive imploding does nobody any good. Also I know it sucks to get flamed. Nobody likes seeing it. That doesn't mean that responding back in kind or arguing all game will help the situation. You're not going to be the bigger person that way. You're only going to lower your team's chances of winning. Instead, you can be the bigger person and either mute, ignore, or just say "mb".
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