This does not warrant a permaban.

Game 1 In-Game 1TimeInBandCamp: :) 1TimeInBandCamp: not really lol 1TimeInBandCamp: failed to ign 1TimeInBandCamp: talon going top 1TimeInBandCamp: why 1TimeInBandCamp: yo 1TimeInBandCamp: my guys 1TimeInBandCamp: pay attention 1TimeInBandCamp: to talon roams 1TimeInBandCamp: gragas knew no less 1TimeInBandCamp: and just went into a 2v3 1TimeInBandCamp: ? 1TimeInBandCamp: time to ff 1TimeInBandCamp: open mid 1TimeInBandCamp: for? 1TimeInBandCamp: why wouldnt i 1TimeInBandCamp: team wont even follow obvious roams/pings 1TimeInBandCamp: talon and eve are both well ahead 1TimeInBandCamp: yeah very observant 1TimeInBandCamp: eve is all over the map 1TimeInBandCamp: how would you like me to do that 1TimeInBandCamp: pinks dont function the same anymore lol 1TimeInBandCamp: we have zero deep wards 1TimeInBandCamp: ??? 1TimeInBandCamp: she has a perma-invis passive? 1TimeInBandCamp: hello? 1TimeInBandCamp: ?!?!?!?! 1TimeInBandCamp: you mean when we dont see her with the lack of deep vision? 1TimeInBandCamp: im going in knowing theyre there 1TimeInBandCamp: cause i dont care for this game anymore 1TimeInBandCamp: this match 1TimeInBandCamp: im not inting 1TimeInBandCamp: im just trtying to let them end 1TimeInBandCamp: no one is winning 1TimeInBandCamp: you can view it how you want, its not int 1TimeInBandCamp: why should i? 1TimeInBandCamp: oh look 1TimeInBandCamp: you didnt deduce where she was 1TimeInBandCamp: must be int 1TimeInBandCamp: same for 0/3 1TimeInBandCamp: just gonna mute you 1TimeInBandCamp: you have no basis 1TimeInBandCamp: i usually smash as viktor, i cant make it happen this time 1TimeInBandCamp: so im fine with a loss 1TimeInBandCamp: much skill 1TimeInBandCamp: ? 1TimeInBandCamp: thats not gonna save eve from filling soulstealer 1TimeInBandCamp: or talon from snowballing 1TimeInBandCamp: lol 1TimeInBandCamp: again its not int lol 1TimeInBandCamp: this is how assassin vs control mage goes lol 1TimeInBandCamp: let alone an eve, thats also assassin 1TimeInBandCamp: i dont think you played this game long enough to know what happens lol 1TimeInBandCamp: and cchanged it to match*? 1TimeInBandCamp: cause its hardcore over lol 1TimeInBandCamp: 1026 from her ult alone lol 1TimeInBandCamp: team thinks im int lol 1TimeInBandCamp: they dont know assassin vs contrl mage 1TimeInBandCamp: lol Post-Game 1TimeInBandCamp: please inform me what hapens when you play viktor into a talon 1TimeInBandCamp: by all means 1TimeInBandCamp: my first time playing that matchup 1TimeInBandCamp: so ugh 1TimeInBandCamp: yeah 1TimeInBandCamp: dont talk unless you know what youre talking about 1TimeInBandCamp: cause i cant do much else? 1TimeInBandCamp: you dont seem to understand do you 1TimeInBandCamp: without any vision past river 1TimeInBandCamp: we know zero about this eve 1TimeInBandCamp: let alone how talon v viktor works Game 2 Pre-Game 1TimeInBandCamp: dont forget summs In-Game 1TimeInBandCamp: >:)* 1TimeInBandCamp: :3 1TimeInBandCamp: (^~.~^) 1TimeInBandCamp: uff 1TimeInBandCamp: this is pretty game over 1TimeInBandCamp: 15 min ff? 1TimeInBandCamp: aatrox, this is 1-10 lol 1TimeInBandCamp: jg is 0/4 1TimeInBandCamp: bot is 0.4 1TimeInBandCamp: great hustle guys 1TimeInBandCamp: aatrox please dont play ranked 1TimeInBandCamp: you dont know a loss when you see one 1TimeInBandCamp: ali? 1TimeInBandCamp: what are you talking about 1TimeInBandCamp: you lost your lane hard 1TimeInBandCamp: solo 1TimeInBandCamp: i lost to a gank 1TimeInBandCamp: and then rest of the map fed unbelievably 1TimeInBandCamp: report twitch int 1TimeInBandCamp: bg Post-Game 1TimeInBandCamp: no 1TimeInBandCamp: youre chat banned cause youre bad 1TimeInBandCamp: and probably flame 1TimeInBandCamp: and int 1TimeInBandCamp: ?? 1TimeInBandCamp: lmfao 1TimeInBandCamp: this aatroxi doesnt have a clue what the real world is like 1TimeInBandCamp: let alone league 1TimeInBandCamp: idk 1TimeInBandCamp: wants to report cause he doesnt know that i cant do anything at 1-9 1TimeInBandCamp: then 1-15 1TimeInBandCamp: i cant save bot from int 1TimeInBandCamp: jg being absolutely wrecked and aatrox not lknowing how to play 1TimeInBandCamp: please 1TimeInBandCamp: learn some better english 1TimeInBandCamp: so you understand how your opinion is actually bad 1TimeInBandCamp: cause you dont know jack 1TimeInBandCamp: k lol Game 3 Pre-Game 1TimeInBandCamp: if i owned more i could work with that, but this is an account i plan to dump $0 into, for champs. XD 1TimeInBandCamp: yeah, but i love to play my pool immediately. xD 1TimeInBandCamp: lol In-Game 1TimeInBandCamp: just walk at him lol 1TimeInBandCamp: been calling for it for a while, you wasted the opportunity lol 1TimeInBandCamp: build supp 1TimeInBandCamp: knights vow etc 1TimeInBandCamp: fs 1TimeInBandCamp: rengar 1TimeInBandCamp: gank fucking mid 1TimeInBandCamp: hes free 1TimeInBandCamp: no mana 1TimeInBandCamp: no flash 1TimeInBandCamp: youre just farming as rengar 1TimeInBandCamp: all game 1TimeInBandCamp: do something with the pick 1TimeInBandCamp: this jg pick is so bad 1TimeInBandCamp: not really 1TimeInBandCamp: im getting screwed over by him 1TimeInBandCamp: cool :) 1TimeInBandCamp: yeah this is a next game 1TimeInBandCamp: definitely with that play bot 1TimeInBandCamp: lucian has been open to so many ganks, and this rengar does idk 1TimeInBandCamp: lucian is a 1v1 ad lmao 1TimeInBandCamp: and his spells have much lower cd 1TimeInBandCamp: yeah and i got screwed by rengar 1TimeInBandCamp: my "team" 1TimeInBandCamp: 3 ganks that were free he just let it slip by 1TimeInBandCamp: and i called them 1TimeInBandCamp: 2 for 5 1TimeInBandCamp: think this is a next 1TimeInBandCamp: ult who 1TimeInBandCamp: the lucian with a dash? 1TimeInBandCamp: i needed 2 to be in range lol 1TimeInBandCamp: in case you didnt see the other not hit from past max range 1TimeInBandCamp: youre blind 1TimeInBandCamp: the reason i called for ganks 1TimeInBandCamp: i get tilted when its such an easy play to make, and yet the snowball assassin jg 1TimeInBandCamp: just doesnt want a free few kills Post-Game 1TimeInBandCamp: yo rengar, please learn how to rengar 1TimeInBandCamp: before picking him in ranked 1TimeInBandCamp: next time 1TimeInBandCamp: we have 2 assassins and lucian is aggro like that 1TimeInBandCamp: we can kill 1TimeInBandCamp: and both snowball off it 1TimeInBandCamp: kek 1TimeInBandCamp: thats how assassins go? 1TimeInBandCamp: idk what to tell you 1TimeInBandCamp: if i lose, its bad 1TimeInBandCamp: if i win, its bad 1TimeInBandCamp: but this guy wanted it one way and not the other 1TimeInBandCamp: :D Game 3 wasn't even a part of my return to this account. That chat log was before the 2-week ban I received a while back. That 2-week ban was warranted. This perma-ban based off game 1 and 2 makes no sense. It's actual criticism of gameplay, and understanding that sometimes a game is better off with a forfeit and moving onto the next one. Both of the games were in a massive, snowball territory. Several plays could've been foregone, but they weren't and that dug the whole deeper. What's wrong with calling out why the play went south? More importantly, why does criticizing it make it fine to perma-ban. I mean come on. Most of the games since my 2-week ban have been total floor stomps with me and my team. Game 1 and 2 were part of 6 losses in some 12 wins. The other losses were completely fine, well fought games. I simply can't fathom how the balance between the few honors I managed to grab - during the zero honor level - were completely outbalanced by the reports I received in 2 games. The 3rd shouldn't count after punishment for it was received. tl;dr System flagged a chat log pre-2-week ban in a post-2-week ban chat log for a permaban. The other 2 games have zero or minute flame. Shouldn't warrant a permaban.
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