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Hi Riot Games, I'm here to talk about players behavior concerning ARAM. I play this game mode because I like to play on a braindead gamemode. What I mean by braindead is I do not have to worry about multiple lanes, objectives or jungle. Now we can all agree that people like some particular champions for this game mode like poke champs markmans etc. So what I mean by that is that I don't mind one unfair game in a while based on team comp but I do care about unfavorable matchups with 1 or 2 people taking items for a minute and a half in base while I'm trying to contest AT LEAST my bush in something I repeat ''an unfavorable matchup'' so we need that particular bush to save half the turret hp in the 1rst 3 minute of the game + it makes the gameplay very annoying and boring because the pokers poke and the others hide under the turret forever then they blame riot games for not giving the right champs in a RANDOM GHAMPIONS GAME MODE. That being said it leads to another problem. People dodging because they do not have their champ in ARAM is a joke since they know the rules when they press start queue. How come is that such a problem. I personally start an ARAM because i don't have much time and it takes 7 min and a half to FIND the game that is not dodging. So, I may have some ideas to prevent those things that just makes me want to intentionally feed every single game of ARAM. 1. When you start the queue of ARAM theres a little tip somewhere in the client saying ARAM dodges are more punishable than normal queues due to the ridiculous amount of dodges. 2. make the inactive players quit the game way quicker in-game to at least make sure the inactive player doesn't bait his own team to death. *I am aware about the ARAM buffs and nerfs but still having afk's is the problem Thank you Riot to listen to my concerns
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