How do you reform?

Not just in the game in general, but as a person all together. I have previous experiences of being banned on League of Legends in a total count of 37 times, and to be honest, I'm not happy about it. It's funny because in person, I'm not an ass, I don't judge nor do I comment negatively, but when it comes to League, it just drives me crazy. Yeah, I'll make a comment about a bad driver who cut me off and call them a fucking dumbass, or when someone is genuinely getting on my nerves, I'll tell them to fuck off, but when it comes to League, I just cannot take the sheer aggravation when it comes to idiocy. Had a previous experience of me trying to carry a game, and my Twitch said "Go fuck yourself" because I took 4 cs when I ganked his lane. He further on just sat bot lane the entire game and purposely lost the game. I got chat restricted from this game because I just cannot control myself from verbally attacking him. Even if I do go to /fullmute all, or going to extremities like dragging the chat box off the screen to the point where I can't even see what's happening, i'll still press enter and still go out of my way to make him feel like a piece of shit.
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