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Please read bottom P.s. note. Also any tips how to fight this. Greetings, human! I am Blitzcrank Bot. My purpose is to provide a fast and thorough explanation of your recent ban. Players have reported you 7 times in the past 20 games for negative or abusive behaviors in chat - in human terms, this means giving up on games, griefing your fellow players, and generally being difficult to play with over a large number of matches and teammates. Here are some chat logs from games where you were heavily reported: Game 2901568621: Pre Game Lobby: Masynia: can i top please In Game: Masynia: yeah i don't mind Masynia: both of us Masynia: was top [All]Masynia: for? [All]Masynia: reported for what [All]Masynia: no [All]Masynia: i asked if i can top [All]Masynia: no response [All]Masynia: so I was like ok [All]Masynia: you're chill with it [All]Masynia: no [All]Masynia: its not a no [All]Masynia: its' not a yes [All]Masynia: just play the game Masynia: LET it push Masynia: so we can kill him Masynia: last hit Masynia: harass him Masynia: when he goes for cs Masynia: stop inting kaisa Masynia: we arent Masynia: you can look on op.gg Masynia: you noob Masynia: 100% nboit Masynia: dude i'm reporting you Masynia: you're literally toxic Masynia: i was going to ignite [All]Masynia: shutdown gold [All]Masynia: its broken Masynia: ap nasus btw [All]Masynia: report kaisa [All]Masynia: just a toxic player. [All]Masynia: literally flaming whole game [All]Masynia: thinking that people are duoing just because someone told her to be quier Masynia: how? Masynia: you b Masynia: and you lost minons Masynia: no Masynia: i don't get you Masynia: what are you saying [All]Masynia: pantheon is flaming now [All]Masynia: all i see is ****** [All]Masynia: how? [All]Masynia: omg watch your mouth Masynia: maybe next time you should learn how to say no Masynia: totally my fault Masynia: he can't tyhpe no' Masynia: think about it Masynia: if you ask someone a question Masynia: if they don't answer Masynia: doesn't that mean they dont care? Masynia: so if they don't care... [All]Masynia: he's super toxic [All]Masynia: jeesus [All]Masynia: both kaisa [All]Masynia: and pantheon [All]Masynia: please report them [All]Masynia: they both afked [All]Masynia: please report the toxic duo Masynia: I'm not going to type to yall Masynia: because i don't care Masynia: just like pantheon in champ select Masynia: to an otp Masynia: because you'd rather focus on typing Masynia: then playing the game Masynia: you fed first blood as well Masynia: so I'm not even trolling Masynia: ^ Masynia: panth has all the gold Masynia: i can't build as fast [All]Masynia: report panth please [All]Masynia: and kaisa [All]Masynia: both toxic players who would like to type and afk more than play Masynia: idk Masynia: i'm 4/5 Masynia: neither do you Masynia: how 2 top isn't a thing Masynia: i'm not talking Masynia: i'm typing Masynia: what's wrong with yoyu Masynia: see how funny you are Masynia: one work Masynia: word Masynia: no Masynia: tilted you so hard Game 2898605873: Masynia: never fight Masynia: when you have that much cs Masynia: you're going to miss Masynia: lmfao Masynia: another Masynia: bad Masynia: jeez [All]Masynia: get me out [All]Masynia: let me out [All]Masynia: these past 3 teams [All]Masynia: were so unfair [All]Masynia: skills are so different [All]Masynia: yeah i fed you 4 kills [All]Masynia: you're so smart lucian [All]Masynia: nice one lucian [All]Masynia: great outplay [All]Masynia: i know [All]Masynia: i'm telling you [All]Masynia: gj Masynia: he's out Masynia: lmfoa Masynia: how you not know his stkill order Masynia: he's goign to ult away 100% since he's low Masynia: you guys are literally Masynia: pushing bot Masynia: while mid 2v1s [All]Masynia: officially halloween [All]Masynia: is the worst time [All]Masynia: to play [All]Masynia: i mean day* [All]Masynia: yeah you are [All]Masynia: thanks [All]Masynia: oo so man [All]Masynia: keep typing [All]Masynia: ooo [All]Masynia: he's so man [All]Masynia: mad [All]Masynia: he's still typing to me [All]Masynia: like i said [All]Masynia: lol [All]Masynia: good job [All]Masynia: ooo [All]Masynia: mad [All]Masynia: we can surrender [All]Masynia: we tried to surrender [All]Masynia: what else do you want [All]Masynia: yeah [All]Masynia: i beat you toplane [All]Masynia: it's sad that you like to talk [All]Masynia: when you lose [All]Masynia: and get fed [All]Masynia: typical [All]Masynia: player [All]Masynia: hnaw [All]Masynia: review the footage [All]Masynia: we got replays [All]Masynia: lol [All]Masynia: lucian so mad [All]Masynia: he's still tpying to me [All]Masynia: he can't stop [All]Masynia: he's filled with anger [All]Masynia: yup [All]Masynia: you like to prove points, don't cha [All]Masynia: lol it isn't free [All]Masynia: no [All]Masynia: you waste time (((((((((((((((((P.s. Before you tell me your thoughts, please look at it in an unbiased way. Let me explain what the situation was at that point. Thanks)))))))))))))))))
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