I just had a really unexpected experience in the league game that made my day

So...I playing this game since caitlyn release and never had stuff like this.So l wanted to share you with that. I got lower priority queue because of client bugsplatted and since PC is toaster i couldn't reconnect before remake.SInce i don't want to play solo,but also don't want my friends to wait 20 mins because of me i usually just speedrunning intro bots so i can get rid of it fast,one game is usually takes only 10 or less mins. I waited my 20 mins and to my surprice, my teammates were actually not bots(i might talk about that, but that's whole another story) but also 4 premades. How am i knew that? Because they literally said "we need baron, or you'll get 4 reports and permaban".Obviousely i just said"Go ahead, i speedrunning anyway" because i value my time and don't want to wait 20 mins with their attitude.Honestly, i expected the dodge,but instead of dodge game started and they went batshit crazy. Flaming the @@#&(@* out of me telling me that i have no life , fat,neckbeard,and that someone actually holding my mouse for me becuase i don't have enough iq for that. Well, i'm not a sensitive person to be offended by such speech on the internet from random people so i only started laugh and didn't mute him since i didn't need to focus about intro bots either way.But then to prevent me to finish the game before 20 mins they STARTED TO INT FEED BOTS. Little did they know that no matter how hard you feed that bots they're bad as hell and you can kill them anyway. Tactic 1 failed. Then they tried to take cs from my lane so i won't take farm. I thanked them for proxing and pushed tower really fast.Tactic 2 Failed. THen they tried to ks kills so i won't get gold, BUt i had stormrazor in 6 minute at that point so i their ks didn't went so well. Tactic 3 failed. During all that procces they flamed me like there is no tommorow and called me toxic (i didn't said a word) and claimed that it was the last game i'l ever play in league again. I ended the game in 15 mins and in the end they just started to flow a literal shitstorm of "JIOEWJDWIAOJDOIAWJDIOJAWDIOJWAJIDIOAW" spam with their entire premade. I just wondering will they even get banned for that? xD I mean it's bot game, Is it even moderated. P.S. That was the most funny league experience by far
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