Afk players and Inting players

I just had a game where i was playing solo queue with my friend on premade We had a realy good early game and the game was almost won but for some reason my support started to intentionaly feed untill he was 3-14 wich caused us to lose the game I also had some games where we were winning but one of my teammates left the game so we had to play a 4v5 game Its just unfair to lose bcs u have an AFK teammate or somone from your team is intentionaly feeding and this happens all the time , everyday i play 2-3 games and i find at least 1 afk or somone who is inting , we realy need to do something about this.. I also dont realy care if they get banned , becouse i still lose LP , so it realy doesnt help me (Sorry if i have any mistakes )
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