copy of the text Game 1 Pre-Game sarkazum2: lol, sarkazum2: oh god cait, someone left sarkazum2: wonder if it was the teemo lover sarkazum2: dont ban senna plz sarkazum2: ur bout to ban your champ, lol sarkazum2: yeah, you had garen selected sarkazum2: can you grab senna sarkazum2: i got jinx sarkazum2: and others sarkazum2: ty sarkazum2: havent enjoyed a support like senna in a bit sarkazum2: i normally just play xerath, or lux support In-Game sarkazum2: we gotta stay away from each other, sarkazum2: their lvl 6 will suck sarkazum2: malph ult, into mf ult sarkazum2: thats what they are planning i bet sarkazum2: he is a teemo main sarkazum2: tons of games as teemo sarkazum2: yeah sarkazum2: you would be way ahead sarkazum2: damn sarkazum2: they got pooped on sarkazum2: what do we do now? sarkazum2: should we swap top, to push that tower sarkazum2: drag sarkazum2: jg is top sarkazum2: fuck lee sarkazum2: get the fucking drag next time sarkazum2: you dont have to play sarkazum2: lee sarkazum2: get the fucking drag sarkazum2: not skuttle sarkazum2: we wouldve been gone by the time they got there sarkazum2: you shouldnt play jg sarkazum2: thats litterally your job sarkazum2: get out of rank if you wanna play like shit sarkazum2: muted sarkazum2: pos sarkazum2: sry jinx sarkazum2: ummm, we won our lane sarkazum2: to bads ours is a dumbass sarkazum2: awww, the child didnt get enough sleep last night sarkazum2: i dont get why i still see him sarkazum2: i muted him sarkazum2: he doesnt have a clue how to play sarkazum2: he prob bought a silver account sarkazum2: he is just afk sarkazum2: we didnt say shit bout his lee, we said he shouldve got drag, and cried like a child sarkazum2: yall wanna trade jgs sarkazum2: ours is broke sarkazum2: our jg got mad cuz we said not to focus the skuttle and kill the drag, so now he is afk farming sarkazum2: least he aint worth gold sarkazum2: 4v5 is bs sarkazum2: lol, sarkazum2: like you was gonna make the difference sarkazum2: if anything you were gonna get carried sarkazum2: he was sarkazum2: not really sarkazum2: today is last day sarkazum2: why sarkazum2: lee is alrdy just afk farming sarkazum2: i have said nothing to him but he should have focused drag and not skuttle, and told us to stfu sarkazum2: its over sarkazum2: lee to heavy sarkazum2: see he just ints sarkazum2: ez reports sarkazum2: oooo sarkazum2: that was nice doh sarkazum2: teemo in gj sarkazum2: i wont get in trouble sarkazum2: he has been inting sarkazum2: i realize that he has Q and waited for everyone to be away and used his 2nd q to jump in the middle of 4 sarkazum2: better jg wins sarkazum2: this allll started cuz i said focus drag and not skuttle next time sarkazum2: sooo, he inted and begain afk farming Post-Game sarkazum2: lee didnt help cuz his feelings got hurt sarkazum2: lol sarkazum2: what did i say sarkazum2: it doesnt matter if you all report me, i said nothing toxic sarkazum2: other than he is heavy Game 2 In-Game sarkazum2: i forgot to change my skin =( sarkazum2: ur playing a champ that has a reload into riven sarkazum2: ur going to get shit on sarkazum2: what did you expect sarkazum2: yeah, she lvled sarkazum2: and fed sarkazum2: there is a reason you dont gank a losing lane sarkazum2: logic hurts sarkazum2: no sarkazum2: go back top sarkazum2: im not laning against the champ you fed sarkazum2: report jhin sarkazum2: rivin tilted the crp out of him sarkazum2: he takes jhin top...gets smashed by riven, cries about balance sarkazum2: im telling them why they need to report you sarkazum2: ur ruining my game, cuz you dont know how to play sarkazum2: this jhin is gold he says sarkazum2: trash sarkazum2: he feeds riven, then tells me to go top sarkazum2: and your ruining this one sarkazum2: ur taking my lane sarkazum2: you feed ur lane, and expect me to farm against her sarkazum2: yeah, if she wasnt fed sarkazum2: but you fed her sarkazum2: you shouldnt be stupid sarkazum2: i fucking hate you, and hope the worst for your family sarkazum2: yeah it is sarkazum2: so why you acting like that sarkazum2: your ruining the gamme sarkazum2: you expect me to go to your lane after you fed it, sarkazum2: didnt ask sarkazum2: you came mid and told me sarkazum2: no sarkazum2: then you stay in my lane sarkazum2: so did jhin sarkazum2: stfu sarkazum2: pos sarkazum2: carry the usless gold Qiyanan sarkazum2: so you should be gold then sarkazum2: you still ruined my lane phase sarkazum2: still ruined it sarkazum2: yeah, thats a jhin top right there sarkazum2: ok goldie Post-Game sarkazum2: so, is jhin yalls mvp? sarkazum2: yeah, brag about reporting when you ruin the game sarkazum2: maybe stfu sarkazum2: you ruined my game sarkazum2: you fed your lane, and wanted me to go top Game 3 In-Game sarkazum2: lucky %%%% sarkazum2: ff at 15? sarkazum2: trash is trash sarkazum2: muted sarkazum2: u got lucky, your still bad sarkazum2: and ive been camped, sarkazum2: their bot, their jg sarkazum2: ours is off jerking off in a bush sarkazum2: haha trash sarkazum2: ur trash sarkazum2: stfu, sarkazum2: plz, i got camped sarkazum2: this akali is trash, wouldnt have made it without the camp sarkazum2: you are... sarkazum2: thats wy ur s4 sarkazum2: ur not s4 cuz ur good sarkazum2: gud, ur not sarkazum2: vayne, ill try and drop my stun on you Post-Game sarkazum2: you dont have to wait till 6 to gank lanes sarkazum2: it still works if you do it right, sarkazum2: trying to farm till 6 isnt the right way sarkazum2: you needed ur whole team to win against me really, i get my honor reset because, what....this guy litterally just started inting after drag, all because i said he shouldve got drag. instead he sat there and took skuttle while me and the adc got it. we was low on hp, then got jumped. if he wouldve just took drag we wouldve been gone. he got upset at that, and immediately ran it down mid, and said if we said anything else, he would make them really big. i responded with the "he didnt get enough sleep" and then he afk farmed. and i get in trouble??? i shouldnt be punished for having a 4v5 ranked game all because this guy gets his feelings hurt after we said that. we didnt even complain about how horrible he was. all he had to do was get jg objectives. instead he says if we want drag we can get it. and i get chat restricted. didnt know rito was supporting the snowflake movement.
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