My wonderful game back into ranked

I decided to get into ranked again and was greated with this wonderful person on my game back to ranked In champ select he hovered yuumi so my friend who doesn't like yuumi and thinks shes trash looked him up and he had a 25% winrate, going 0/10 in his last game. so to save me a insta loss I banned yuumi cause i think shes pretty good in the right hands but this guy is obviously not the right hands. He then locked in nocturne and at first said he was going to take my role he instead went top and we had 2 people top leaving our adc without a support and against a very oppressive lane as kallista. Needless to say we lost horrible being able to do nothing in teamfight and having absolutely no map pressure bot side. our mid was fantastic and we won all early skirmishes but when i came to teamfight not having a top support or adc with enough gold was horrible he throughout the game was tempting us to report him and saying "what do you think riot is going to do? nothing" I can see getting mad when the champ you wanted to play gets banned but outright troll picking and then costing us the game is a douche move I personally have given up in games but not to the extent of literally trolling and making everyone elses game suffer.
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