The Incompatibility of Zero Tolerance with the Tiered Penalty System

I will preface this post with the following: I have never received any penalty whatsoever, and have had an account in good standing since Season 1, playing thousands of both normal and ranked solo queue games. The penalty system in League of Legends is tiered because the tiered approach gives toxic players an opportunity to reform. I fully support that, especially given that the majority of players who ever receive a single penalty never receive a second. The penalty system also has certain zero tolerance words and phrases which will net the player an instant 14 day ban, and I fully agree with that too. There are some things which simply should not be said, and those things should be penalized severely. However, the way these two penalties are combined does not make sense. Using a zero tolerance word or phrase also bumps the penalty tier all the way to the 3rd step, skipping the first two, which means that a single use of a zero tolerance word or phrase followed by even a slight bout of toxicity results in a permanent ban. While, toxicity should always be avoided, this does not afford the player the opportunity to reform. He or she may understand that zero tolerance words and phrases are just that, but has not been warned that other parts of his or her chatter are also unacceptable. I propose a modification to the penalty system, wherein use of a zero tolerance word or phrase results in a 14 day ban but only ticks the penalty tier up one, such that the next penalty on a previously clean account is the 25 day chat restriction, followed by a 14 day ban, and then the permanent ban. However, a subsequent use of a zero tolerance word or phrase should still result in a permanent ban, regardless of the penalty tier.
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