Chat restricted for being nice ?

Context: I was playing a game of mordekaiser ranked, and I've hard won lane against a Illaoi, Since the game was pretty much won, i decided to not be a total rude guy, and try to make the enemy's enjoy the game a little, so i did a Rossboomsocks thing where i asked the enemies what to build, They gave me a Ludden's and a Botrk, but our vayne kept yelling at me, so i just swapped back to basic morde ( rylai's and liandrys). And apparently after that game i got chat restricted for telling her to calm her tits? Here's the chat. Just 1 game. I was indeed a little toxic in the start. due to the Illaoi inting i tried to make her rq a little, but i don't think i took it that far. Was this a fair chat restrict or no? Game 1 Pre-Game Kýll4Joy: 5 man? Kýll4Joy: starting e In-Game Kýll4Joy: ward blue Kýll4Joy: yikes Kýll4Joy: lol Kýll4Joy: int i guesws Kýll4Joy: ty Kýll4Joy: 1 q Kýll4Joy: ez lane? Kýll4Joy: it's fed as fuck Kýll4Joy: stiiting on 3 k Kýll4Joy: excuse me. 4 Kýll4Joy: should i tho? xD Kýll4Joy: i mean, 4 more mins xd Kýll4Joy: Zyra, what should i build? Kýll4Joy: what next? Kýll4Joy: im following their lead xd Kýll4Joy: k Kýll4Joy: u decide Kýll4Joy: After botrk? Kýll4Joy: Ok Kýll4Joy: Wait...should i go IE or nah? Kýll4Joy: k Kýll4Joy: This is interesting xd Kýll4Joy: what type? Kýll4Joy: not rly Kýll4Joy: how i trolling lol? im actually given a good build xD Kýll4Joy: i mean...they are losing anyways Kýll4Joy: and they cannot comeback Kýll4Joy: ok. Kýll4Joy: i mean...we are trying to have fun after all Kýll4Joy: i can solo handedly win this Kýll4Joy: so calm ur tits Kýll4Joy: it fucking works, now shut ya mouth xd Kýll4Joy: trust me i can Kýll4Joy: 10 secounds lad Kýll4Joy: and you wish i wouldn't have came Kýll4Joy: going recomended now...chill your tits...not selling because i'll just lose money Kýll4Joy: so... Kýll4Joy: what u sayin/ Kýll4Joy: and it's fun xd Kýll4Joy: off-meta ftw Kýll4Joy: happy now? Kýll4Joy: you are no fun Kýll4Joy: ;/ Kýll4Joy: going in from behin Kýll4Joy: rep vayne, no fun :( Kýll4Joy: vayne's gonna rep me if i don't, and i've been toxic enough to be bannned x Kýll4Joy: i've grinded 2 hard to be banned again Kýll4Joy: so... Kýll4Joy: We are winning. Kýll4Joy: wish i could Kýll4Joy: shhh Kýll4Joy: meta loses games Kýll4Joy: ubnless u like me and like the enemy team's support Kýll4Joy: then meta wins da game Kýll4Joy: OFF-meta Kýll4Joy: why? Kýll4Joy: how'd i troll lol? Kýll4Joy: im playing normal ya blind boy Kýll4Joy: it was off meta Kýll4Joy: and got me kills Kýll4Joy: didn't it Kýll4Joy: it didn't ruin the game Kýll4Joy: cd Kýll4Joy: i'll miss u my zyra :( Kýll4Joy: May we Kýll4Joy: lol... Kýll4Joy: wy u rude? Kýll4Joy: same with u zyra Post-Game Kýll4Joy: because it's about HAVING FUN Kýll4Joy: FFS Kýll4Joy: Anyawys Kýll4Joy: dealt most dmg Kýll4Joy: <3 Kýll4Joy: :P Kýll4Joy: so? Kýll4Joy: is it not allowed? Kýll4Joy: kat Kýll4Joy: vayne Kýll4Joy: if u wanna clim easy Kýll4Joy: just forget about the rank, Kýll4Joy: play for fun Kýll4Joy: it's an easy way to play, and climb Kýll4Joy: Im never focused...look at me, i've reached plat 4 89 lp highest point Kýll4Joy: i've demoted cuz i focused Kýll4Joy: ggs
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