PROOF that riot employees ban without providing clear evidence/certainty of an infraction

Alright, so I was banned for 14 days for intentional feeding a couple hours ago. So I made a ticket regarding my ban. Because I did not intentionally feed. And then I went into a heated argument with the Riot support employees **who REFUSED to tell me how they came to the conclusion that I was "intentionally" feeding as opposed to just doing poorly. ** Not only that but they even threatened me with a live chat ban and then eventually disconnected me from the chat after I asked them multiple times how they came to the conclusion that I was intentionally feeding. Not to mention one of the reps even stated out right that they no would not provide the information. That same rep said _**"We actually can't go very far into our detection methods - we used to be more transparent about this kind of thing but that was used by players acting in bad faith to subvert them"**_ Now I understand that finding out Riot detection methods in hopes to avoid them in the future thus not telling players how they detect infractions is one thing but refusing to tell a player how they came to the conclusion as to whether the player had "intentionally" fed as opposed to just playing poorly is down right horseshit. Their is no way they can with 100% certainty state a player was feeding on purpose rather than actually just being poor at the game UNLESS the player outright states "I am feeding". Which I did not state. I did however state "Steal my role ill steal your game easy" and "The best way to deal with trolls is to make sure the game is over quick". Which by the way does not indicate that a person is intentionally feeding. Someone could just as easily mean steal your game to be interpreted as steal your glory or win the game quick so its over quick to avoid a long aggravating game. Fortunately I screen capped the entire live chat from each of the 3 reps. Game context: I queued up for ranked, got my main role jungle. Now during pre-game they were swapping roles and I was not a part of the swap so I didn't bother to pay much attention, but then when I got in game I saw that we had a amumu (who was originally top) with smite (I was playing jax jg). I immediately asked him what was going on, and he went on to say that he was jungle. I informed him that I did not switch my role and he didn't bother to care and started screaming "I'm jungle fuck you" Then he steals my red at the start when Im being leashed and starts doing camps (btw this amumu was part of a duo with a rakan support who was encouraging the amumu) So I just played out the game but I was doing poorly (for obvious reasons), and then eventually our adc rage quits and then our mid lane leaves lane to open mid. At this point I was the only one actually playing (was doing poorly though not going to lie there, my kda was horrid) But not once did I go out and intentionally feed. Once the game was over I left and came back after a while and got on and was banned. Live chat context: Since there is a lot of text to go through, I will try to condense some of it for you. I got on live chat with the first rep, initially she stated that my in-game texts indicated that I had the intent to feed (My chats that she is referring to are all displayed in the pics and on here). However I informed her that the texts cannot be interpreted as negative as they were too convoluted. Then she went to state other than my kda and my texts, that my actions also were indicative of "intentional" feeding so I asked her how she came to that conclusion and how she can tell when a person is "intentionally" feeding as opposed to just being bad, she dodged the question dozens of times then just out right left without disconnecting chat hopping that I would leave. I waited a while then she disconnected knowing I would not leave without an answer. Then the next guy tries to dodge the question by stating that the last rep answered all my questions. I told him she did not. Then he states that "We actually can't go very far into our detection methods - we used to be more transparent about this kind of thing but that was used by players acting in bad faith to subvert them". Which is fine, however I asked him how he came to the conclusion that I was "intentionally" feeding after he stated they reviewed the replays, to which he refuses to reply to and then threatens me with a week long live chat ban then leaves chat. Then the third rep just regurgitates what the first two said in a couple of few messages and disconnects me from chat entirely. Like wtf is this horseshit. They cannot say with 100% certainty that it was "intentional" feed and just go ahead and ban people then after they refuse to tell players how they came to that conclusion? And then to shove the ban down our throats. Rigged ass system. Also keep in mind that this was ONE GAME. I've seen people on here go 0-15-0 pr 0-20-0 for dozens of fucking games and not get penalized once. Yet here I come and do bad one game then boom ban and if I try to challenge that ban then threaten with more bans. Abuse of fucking power much. All the while the fucking two duo kids that trolled the game are going on with trolling future fucking games. While people who literally have done nothing wrong are caught up dealing with the aftermath of this bullshit.
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