I have been wrongfully banned for use of 3rd party software after nearly 10 years of playing

Hello, i have never really made a post here before. I have played this game since season 1. I have invested the majority of my time through the past decade enjoying this game with my friends, investing my money and time into the LoL scene and culture, and generally, feeling like i was a part of something greater then myself. I have been bronze, silver, gold, plat, heck even squeaked into diamond 5 a few seasons ago. However for the past few years, ive more or less "retired" to ARAMS and norms with friends. Before today, having logged on to find out i was perma banned, i didn't even know what the term "3rd party program" even meant. Now, i have lost an account that i more or less have come to identify as a part of myself for something i never did. There was no explanation, no proof, no contact from a real person, simply banned. 10 years of funneling my time, love, money and attention into this game and its community just to be thrown to the side for something i am not guilty of. I am only reaching out here in hopes that a real person from Riot would be willing to just look at my accounts situation and i can guarantee without a doubt this will be shown as a mistake. I have 0 interest in hacking, i enjoy this game for its mechanical complexity and the chance to outplay, why would i take the very reason i love to play away from myself? I have no ambition to climb ranked ladders. I only play casually with my long time buds. As a veteran of this game and its community, i am in tears and disbelief to have something so precious to me taken away without even so much as an email or an explanation, and if i could only ask a single thing in return from Riot Games at this time, it would be to have at the VERY least, clarity. Sincerely, -Rain {{item:3070}}
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