me getting perma banned for saying "kys" once and didn't even mean "kill your self"

So about 4 months ago my account Minl Doge got perma because i have a 2 feeding trolls in my game running down and being very toxic now i know almost everyone in the community doesn't just let someone flamed them so i did come back being kinda toxic they were feeding and haveing a very bad game or something and i told him "kys" which at my school we use that term as "know your style" in the logs riot belives i meant to say kill your self but never did look for yourself. I feel like i should be unbanned bc off how long i played the game for and how much i supportred it by spening over $2000+ on the game by buying in game purchases and merch i would want the community to respond to help me out here on what should be decided. I know i was toxic but people change and how much i supported the game and how long ive played for i feel like not giving me a 2nd chance would be wrong because of how long ive stuck with the game from the good times to the bad times of it. thank you all for reading this. :D Minl Doge: just lost us the game Minl Doge: that was free gold for me Minl Doge: to carry Minl Doge: ur so bad Minl Doge: kys Minl Doge: i mean good job Minl Doge: gj wuk Minl Doge: ur really good at this game
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