14-Day Suspension

Hello guys, I just got suspended for 14 days after a Thresh (2/7/0) started calling me "%%%%%%" "%%%" "gay" throughout the entire game for being 3/4 Twisted Fate. I just want to clarify that I did not instantly start insulting him, actually I didnt insult him at all. But at the end I got suspended. Another one of the reasons was in a match, I was lagging a lot, (not ranked) and fed a bit, (0/4-6) and the Amumu in my team started insulting me and telling me that he hopes i get cancer. Which is beyond unacceptable. Again, I did not insult him, I actually started saying how sorry i am for feeding and saying "i'm shit, i''m sorry for feeding, i'm not doing it on purpose." and next thing you know i am banned. Lastly, this might be the only reason why i partially accept this suspension, which is for flaming my botlane in a ranked match, who decided to play first-time champs. And when asking them questions, such as, "Can I take blue" i wouldn't ever get a reply, so i started spamming chat, maybe 15x "???". But still I would love to know why I get banned, but people who insult me, wish cancer upon me, wish death upon my family, do not get banned. I don't know what to do, because all I do is play League. Edit: those words marked as %%%%% are all homophobic remarks.
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