Is it wrong for me to respond?

I am an avid reporter of toxic players. I hate them, they ruin my games. But after a while I just get pissed about it! Sometimes after telling people to chill out and stop being toxic, i will resort to just telling them to shut up, and mute them. But other times I know I can't afford to mute the team member because they DO give useful information and I DO want to win my games. Is it wrong for me to retaliate by telling them THEY are the ones playing bad, and ruining team fights? I usually say something like "You're the one being bad stop talking" or if I get really tilted off it I say "You're so stupid just stop talking and play". My concern is if this is too much of myself being toxic in return? I know that I shouldn't say anything at all, but it just builds up when someone does it every game!{{champion:518}}

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