Riot Games Refund me and this games report system is rigged

From my last god damn Forum/Discussion I reported someone for trolling and throwing and then talking bad they never got any warnings/penalties. I was told getting a chat restriction or a penalty was 3 game reports so this banning system is fucking rigged refund my money. Fucking riot games is bullying people like honestly i'm done with ur bullshit as with every other bullshit penalty you give. Last time a well known forum player has told me you needed 3 reports to get a chat restriction or ban and It only said 1 game. I threw and trolled and got a chat restriction but going to my previous forum this guy was trolling and was being toxic and he never got penalties. I got my penalty for 1 game and the teamates were flaming me by saying go play with bots and who agrees to report this kid multiple times and I get banned like wtf is wrong with ur banning system? fix it or refund me my money this game is so tilting because of what the players take advantage of. I got banned because I was 1 level under my adc and the adc was useless not doing anything never going in and never healed me. I was just roaming around the map and I didnt do anything cause my adc was useless and I get a chat restriction and he flamed me and didnt get a penalty good going riot we love your games. rigged refund honestly forums is so stupid everyone criticizes every word people put its so stupid like get a life
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