Permabanned wrongly for 1 game ? (chat log included)

Disclaimer: I got 14 days of ban something like 3 months ago, I played a lot less 'cause I wanted to be less toxic (even tho I've never used insults or such, It's not part of me). The following is the ONLY chat log I received for my permaban. Game 1 In-Game NekoMahou: ? (one of the enemy team wrote my nickname) NekoMahou: u are? NekoMahou: janna, that vayne knows how to play NekoMahou: ok NekoMahou: just play passive bot NekoMahou: hf mid NekoMahou: janna NekoMahou: what did u do (Janna randomly R'd) NekoMahou: janna?? (no answer) NekoMahou: don't talk janna (Caitlyn made a mistake and she started blaming her) NekoMahou: not ui NekoMahou: :) NekoMahou: have fun with ur report then (Janna said she was going afk) NekoMahou: u will when u'll get banned (she answered she didn't care) NekoMahou: you just blamed caitlyn when you're not in a position to speak (she kept blaming Caitlyn, so I tried to make understand she shouldn't do that expecially when not in a position to) NekoMahou: u should shut up NekoMahou: and learn to play in the first place (one of the two"flaming" phrases that costed me permaban?) NekoMahou: then u speak NekoMahou: understood? NekoMahou: hey nasus NekoMahou: so NekoMahou: what do we do about this vayne (Nasus said early game that Vayne wasn't going to be a problem, she was fed and I couldn't find a tactis to beat her) NekoMahou: ? NekoMahou: guess why he got fed again NekoMahou: it's not NekoMahou: once gets fed when he's good ("arguing" with Nasus that a fed player is a good player) NekoMahou: i'm asking nasus now NekoMahou: prince of i know what's going to happen (he noobshamed me in the beginning when I told Janna that Vayne knows how to play, saying that I didn't know what I said because she picked fleet foot) NekoMahou: tell me nasus what do we do NekoMahou: go nasus show me NekoMahou: cause he would die (Morgana asked Caitlyn why didn't she stop the recall, in the voice chat Caitlyn told me that she was scared to die because Vayne was fed) NekoMahou: smarter than lots of u (here's the second phrase that could be considered "flame"?) NekoMahou: Please report Janna for afk and flaming (blaming and afk) NekoMahou: thank u NekoMahou: it's ok morgana NekoMahou: enemy bot is bad NekoMahou: you said NekoMahou: we win (Morgana wanted to FF so I tried to encourage her) NekoMahou: shut uop NekoMahou: shut up (she kept going) NekoMahou: :) NekoMahou: my eyes,. (they kept blaming) NekoMahou: no words NekoMahou: nasus got it (Morgana wanted to FF again) NekoMahou: right nasus? NekoMahou: what'!?!? (Nasus saying he couldn't carry the game) NekoMahou: uc ant'!?! NekoMahou: oh god really!?!? NekoMahou: so NekoMahou: u are saying that the vayne i warned u about NekoMahou: u and morgana NekoMahou: IS A PROBLEM!??! NekoMahou: OH MY GOD NekoMahou: I'M SHOCKED (Funny way Raul Paul queen style of saying "guys, I told you this was going to happen") NekoMahou: u got it NekoMahou: oh really NekoMahou: ?!??1'1 NekoMahou: morgana u'r reported aswell (Morgana kept blaming) NekoMahou: by two of us NekoMahou: learn to be a decent human being NekoMahou: and then u speak NekoMahou: in fact morgana NekoMahou: i'm 7/8 (Morgana writing "Jungle diff" saying that I was shit) NekoMahou: and he's 1/4 NekoMahou: say it again, jungle dff NekoMahou: score talks, and you're overshaming yourself everytime you try to accuse me NekoMahou: so, please report morgana for flaming and janna for afk and flaming, please NekoMahou: thank u NekoMahou: bye morgana, have fun while you can, you lost your argument (refering at the blame, I couldn't take that I should take the blame for a game I played decently) NekoMahou: and u nasus, next time, listen to what people says to u (refering to early game about Vayne's going to be a problem) Post-Game NekoMahou: thank you to those who will report morgana NekoMahou: and janna NekoMahou: and Nasus you should learn to listen to people (talking about what I said early game and that I should've been listened) NekoMahou: cause i was right NekoMahou: and you've learned a lesson today NekoMahou: hopefully this will take you somwhere NekoMahou: if we didn't have morgana that vayne would've been a problem anyway (Morgana should've put a Black Shield on Nasus and he was flaming her) NekoMahou: and you couldn't kill her NekoMahou: i was right, period (he kept blaming other people instead of understanding that the Vayne was a real issue like I said) NekoMahou: learnn from it NekoMahou: you're welcome bro (implying that this will probably be avoided next time that someone like me says to be careful about someone's else skill) NekoMahou: :) Now, addressing that I've talked with Riot after the 14 days ban, and that they know I am trying to be reformed ('Cause I once flamed a LOT worse, but never insulted people) do I really deserved a PERMABAN for this one game after a long time? I kindly ask you to be reasonable, and not to attack me only because Riot said that I should've been banned. I already sent a support ticket for false accusation. A permaban is really too much even addressing the few two "flaming" phrases that I wrote. If they can be considered flaming. Thank you very much in advance.
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