“In the real world”

How many times have we seen, heard, or even thought ourselves something like the following? > In the real world, if someone curses at me, I’m allowed to curse back > In the real world, if someone pisses me off and i hit him once, I won’t be arrested > In the real world X, Y, Z And this is great - we can debate the validity of the real world arguments all we want (ex: some places you will be arrested for hitting someone once even for good reason). ##But they don’t apply to League. League is a video game. It’s specifically created to provide enjoyment and an escape from the real world hustle, bustle, and assholeness. There is a very good reason why League operates on “stricter” rules than the real world - **because it’s designed to not be the real world**. As a comparison, please consider wherever you like to go for an enjoyment - be it a movie theater, a bar, a public park, a pool/water park/theme park, etc. Please feel free to link me any one of those places that does not throw people out for disturbing others experience - no matter who started it.

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