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Game 1 Pre-Game BannedIn40Mins: oh BannedIn40Mins: double amumu BannedIn40Mins: opop In-Game BannedIn40Mins: mind warding red? BannedIn40Mins: we need to make sure we rotate on red if udyr is invading BannedIn40Mins: probably here BannedIn40Mins: yeah BannedIn40Mins: knew it lmao BannedIn40Mins: ty for leash BannedIn40Mins: ffs BannedIn40Mins: if only you were good at udyr :( BannedIn40Mins: wish bot leashed faster. BannedIn40Mins: @ veigar BannedIn40Mins: why tho BannedIn40Mins: who needs proof when you're only m6? BannedIn40Mins: m7 :( BannedIn40Mins: uslees.. BannedIn40Mins: FFFSL:KMO:LASGDJODFGK BannedIn40Mins: open mid bad bot BannedIn40Mins: 'gj bot keep inting BannedIn40Mins: you're bad BannedIn40Mins: i tell you people i'm going BannedIn40Mins: just push BannedIn40Mins: opr dive BannedIn40Mins: or something BannedIn40Mins: don't sit there with a thumb up your bum BannedIn40Mins: yeah? BannedIn40Mins: like i cna't stop udyr til 6 BannedIn40Mins: they got drake BannedIn40Mins: gj renekton BannedIn40Mins: ? BannedIn40Mins: yeah BannedIn40Mins: i'll cover BannedIn40Mins: i guess BannedIn40Mins: ? BannedIn40Mins: go to red BannedIn40Mins: udyr is there BannedIn40Mins: unfortunate BannedIn40Mins: can't contest BannedIn40Mins: ? BannedIn40Mins: great work top BannedIn40Mins: what BannedIn40Mins: why BannedIn40Mins: ty BannedIn40Mins: ty BannedIn40Mins: zzz.. BannedIn40Mins: smite didn't cast BannedIn40Mins: xD BannedIn40Mins: knew i was dead anyhow. BannedIn40Mins: wp ekko you abused my shitty mouse. BannedIn40Mins: can bot stop inting BannedIn40Mins: we need to actually live to win you know this right? BannedIn40Mins: rotate drake BannedIn40Mins: we need renekton BannedIn40Mins: easy drake, cheers. BannedIn40Mins: sucks right? BannedIn40Mins: stop dying BannedIn40Mins: 11 deaths bot lane BannedIn40Mins: fuck me veigar BannedIn40Mins: p[lease sell that item lmao BannedIn40Mins: i need heavy damage BannedIn40Mins: ? BannedIn40Mins: keep him top renekton BannedIn40Mins: i got drake BannedIn40Mins: wp guys BannedIn40Mins: good Q neeko BannedIn40Mins: he really likes my red buffs BannedIn40Mins: buyt BannedIn40Mins: how BannedIn40Mins: oh BannedIn40Mins: no spear BannedIn40Mins: kys BannedIn40Mins: kys BannedIn40Mins: not even that good either are you BannedIn40Mins: you are, on udyr if you're not 20/1 you're not getting a good tier :( BannedIn40Mins: you're silver 2 with a 43% win rate like how are you even considering yourself good LOL BannedIn40Mins: he's not good BannedIn40Mins: he's abusing conquerer on udyr BannedIn40Mins: it's like hecarim top BannedIn40Mins: don't need skill. BannedIn40Mins: team? BannedIn40Mins: lets go bot BannedIn40Mins: there are 4 mid BannedIn40Mins: and 4 bot BannedIn40Mins: for one riven BannedIn40Mins: ;( BannedIn40Mins: yep BannedIn40Mins: was gone BannedIn40Mins: tried to ff BannedIn40Mins: 4 people said no BannedIn40Mins: just push top i'm not defending BannedIn40Mins: [want out BannedIn40Mins: ? BannedIn40Mins: nah BannedIn40Mins: mad cause bad BannedIn40Mins: ? BannedIn40Mins: i think if i had a bot that didn't make udyr go 3/1 at 10 minutes it'd be easier BannedIn40Mins: i have a team? BannedIn40Mins: kill BannedIn40Mins: thy BannedIn40Mins: self BannedIn40Mins: for? BannedIn40Mins: just a game BannedIn40Mins: ez BannedIn40Mins: gg Post-Game BannedIn40Mins: http://prntscr.com/nmog52 BannedIn40Mins: ? BannedIn40Mins: :) BannedIn40Mins: dw tho BannedIn40Mins: :D BannedIn40Mins: i'll keep winning my games without teammates. BannedIn40Mins: when team goes 4 bot for riven BannedIn40Mins: not sure why Game 2 Pre-Game BannedIn40Mins: declaring intent? BannedIn40Mins: intent to feed BannedIn40Mins: uwu BannedIn40Mins: thank FUCK rageblade is nerfed next patch BannedIn40Mins: from 2 hits to 3 hits BannedIn40Mins: nah BannedIn40Mins: kai'sa, yi, vayne BannedIn40Mins: all the broken champs In-Game BannedIn40Mins: gl hf BannedIn40Mins: dw i had a pantheon third time int one game then leave BannedIn40Mins: same with a neeko just now BannedIn40Mins: inted a yi 4 deaths in a row :/ BannedIn40Mins: you keep getting tagged LO BannedIn40Mins: gj kass BannedIn40Mins: LOL BannedIn40Mins: i feel it BannedIn40Mins: kass BannedIn40Mins: it appears a lot BannedIn40Mins: 0% win rate 2 games played BannedIn40Mins: UwU BannedIn40Mins: am gril BannedIn40Mins: get 6 BannedIn40Mins: good kick i guess BannedIn40Mins: vi BannedIn40Mins: you'r ebad BannedIn40Mins: wish he could kick my vi into the sun because i'm pretty sure they are a jungle one trick BannedIn40Mins: with a support who is better at jungling than them.. BannedIn40Mins: ?? BannedIn40Mins: i asked for a gank BannedIn40Mins: 2 minutes prior BannedIn40Mins: ,ff BannedIn40Mins: ff BannedIn40Mins: .ff BannedIn40Mins: lee happened BannedIn40Mins: ? BannedIn40Mins: everyone here is inting BannedIn40Mins: when ddoes ff happen? BannedIn40Mins: 15 right? BannedIn40Mins: get me out BannedIn40Mins: yeah BannedIn40Mins: gl jinx BannedIn40Mins: i'm not supporting you BannedIn40Mins: gj BannedIn40Mins: yall haVING fun top? BannedIn40Mins: better knowledge wins BannedIn40Mins: jinx just ran out of my ult BannedIn40Mins: dobut it BannedIn40Mins: me? BannedIn40Mins: xD BannedIn40Mins: fr tho BannedIn40Mins: gg BannedIn40Mins: get me out so i can buy a boost away from players who run out of taric ult BannedIn40Mins: gg wp Post-Game BannedIn40Mins: i go jungle, support loses lane BannedIn40Mins: i go support, jungle loses the game BannedIn40Mins: why can't there be two of me to climb with? :/ BannedIn40Mins: grieving adc too BannedIn40Mins: :/ BannedIn40Mins: ? BannedIn40Mins: i'd rather with you tbh BannedIn40Mins: you're at least consistent Not sure why.
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