Banned 14 days. You just lost a loyal customer Riot

People troll in my games, I flame them and I get banned first for chat; now for 14 days. I do nothing but play my game..I get trolled in ranked. Im trying hard to climb out of bronze. Game1 # Bot lane I get Leona and Blitz ; we have no damage and we lose Game2 # Jungler AFK, joins late and doesnt even join a fight next to gromp and keeps farming blue side. So RIOTs banning system recognized me as a person who reacts. But theyre ok with trolling. Edit: They only want Unicorn stuff in chat..else you cant even critique someone's attitude or play. Why keep chat then? just make yuppie emojis and forget communications altogether. you cant have goodie goodie talk all the time. What is this..the league of brady bunch? I QUIT LEAGUE OF LEGENDS HERE ON. i AM ONLY CREATING TROLL ACCOUNTS AND AM GOING TO MAKE LIFE HELL FOR EVERYONE BECAUSE RIOT DOESNT MIND IT. #### YOU RIOT NEVER PLAYING A RIOT PRODUCED GAME SERIOUSLY AGAIN. IF I PLAY, I AM COMMITTING TO ONLY TROLL AND MAKE SURE I MAKE EVERYONE'S PLAYING EXPERIENCE AS ANNOYING AS IT WAS FOR ME. YES. LOGGING INTO MY SECOND ACCOUNT. &$%* YOU RIOT..@#$@ YOU!
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