14-day suspension over a single game of which I was not abusive towards a player at all.

To provide full context: I used controversial words in a context that was NOT ABUSIVE AT ALL. https://imgur.com/a/L7niVA4 This was my entire in-game chat. Of which I was being called r%%%%%ed and autistic by a Swain all game. I remained calm and did not let my anger get the better of me. But the problem isn't from the in-game chat, Riot found a problem with my post game chat: Post Game Lobby: Jacksin: abliesm falls under hate speech Jacksin: just because you didn't say something like ******(N word) or ******(F word) you aren't spreading hate through your speech Jacksin: sure thing bro Jacksin: and you**'re a hateful person Jacksin: I know which I'**d rather be Jacksin: Are you confused by the word? Jacksin: Very interesting Jacksin: Gamers rise up The ticket that I submitted provided me with an automated response which had the bold characters I provided as highlighted in red. I do not understand this, but I can't assume that was the reason I was banned for 14-days? For calling someone a hateful person after they literally were being one for an entire game? That's not abuse... As for my use of those controversial terms: It was absolutely contextually relevant and the manner I used those terms in had not, in the slighted, reflected any hate speech or abuse at all. Even consider all of this, a Riot member recieved my ticket and told me that this ban was appropriately placed. This was my first ever offence.
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