I feel like toxic people just like to rage about anything

Just got hard flames for the following 2 reasons 1. Being melee range as a jhin with no flash vs an irelia Was in a skirmish with out sej vs an irelia she ulted the sej who procced Q onto me and kills me... I get flamed for being melee range? like what else can i do when i got dashed on .... Thankfully the enemy team defended me there when the sej flamed in all chat for saying melee range jhin like da hek 2. Not using heal vs an irelia roam and a hec gank when im on my 4th shot? If i land that 4th shot im reloading and healing would waste the CD so id ratehr svae it for further use but no got flamed for that choice either? Do people ever just stop and think for a second or just rage the moment they can .. i know i can mute but at this rate i might as well mute chat and pings every game ._.
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