getting banned because my team traded reports

so i was playing a ranked game i was mundo jg, my teammate died to riven on top and i said im done on top, he then started griefing me and taking my jungle so i said dog you are reported for trolling me then i took my nasuses cannon and they started trading reports with the other team.At the end i tried to stay as calm as i could but they traded reports even tho nasus and morde flamed more than me i just deffended my things i will copy my status keep in mind that my team trolled me and flamed me 10x times more and they got nothing.Oh and btw the only bad thing that i've called him is r%%%%%ed but thats it you can read it. Game 1 In-Game UrsobadOMEGALUL: tank meta UrsobadOMEGALUL: Lel UrsobadOMEGALUL: 3 tanks UrsobadOMEGALUL: true UrsobadOMEGALUL: yikes UrsobadOMEGALUL: ward my red UrsobadOMEGALUL: this game is soo weidr UrsobadOMEGALUL: Weird UrsobadOMEGALUL: bcz im behind? UrsobadOMEGALUL: im done UrsobadOMEGALUL: your E UrsobadOMEGALUL: your E UrsobadOMEGALUL: you saved her dude UrsobadOMEGALUL: yy UrsobadOMEGALUL: he saves riven UrsobadOMEGALUL: says report me UrsobadOMEGALUL: fking dog UrsobadOMEGALUL: report morde ty UrsobadOMEGALUL: trolling UrsobadOMEGALUL: he is r%%%%%ed UrsobadOMEGALUL: dog cleared my jg UrsobadOMEGALUL: ff 15 UrsobadOMEGALUL: im trolling UrsobadOMEGALUL: dic UrsobadOMEGALUL: idc UrsobadOMEGALUL: morde taking UrsobadOMEGALUL: ll my jg UrsobadOMEGALUL: open UrsobadOMEGALUL: y report me UrsobadOMEGALUL: bcz morde is taking my jg UrsobadOMEGALUL: and now im useless UrsobadOMEGALUL: XD UrsobadOMEGALUL: report me because morde is trolling UrsobadOMEGALUL: premades UrsobadOMEGALUL: nasus UrsobadOMEGALUL: u will see how it is when someone takes your creeps UrsobadOMEGALUL: oh so nasus UrsobadOMEGALUL: uw ont report morde? UrsobadOMEGALUL: for inting top and taking my jg UrsobadOMEGALUL: for what? UrsobadOMEGALUL: i9m doing the same thing as nasus UrsobadOMEGALUL: morde* UrsobadOMEGALUL: ] UrsobadOMEGALUL: muted kiddo UrsobadOMEGALUL: ps please steal this drake UrsobadOMEGALUL: for no reason UrsobadOMEGALUL: he trolled me tho UrsobadOMEGALUL: he lost to riven 1v1 UrsobadOMEGALUL: and took my jungle UrsobadOMEGALUL: And now he wants to take my raptors UrsobadOMEGALUL: report trading lol UrsobadOMEGALUL: Nasus wants to report me because i stole his minion UrsobadOMEGALUL: gg guys UrsobadOMEGALUL: they still want to report me for no reason tho Post-Game UrsobadOMEGALUL: lol UrsobadOMEGALUL: ty for the game UrsobadOMEGALUL: havent laughed like this in a while UrsobadOMEGALUL: he is being abnoxious and wants to report me UrsobadOMEGALUL: but ggsw UrsobadOMEGALUL: flamer? UrsobadOMEGALUL: i didnt flame anyone UrsobadOMEGALUL: flamed him? UrsobadOMEGALUL: tbh idc UrsobadOMEGALUL: i have a g3 smurf UrsobadOMEGALUL: these kids... UrsobadOMEGALUL: report nasus for being salty UrsobadOMEGALUL: says i flamed morde even tho i told him dont troll me your death wasnt my fault

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