player says time to lose at top from start of game

I'm a little bummed out because I just played a game where this garen literally says at the start of the game, time to lose top boys. Goes 0/7 and the entire game he just keeps saying ff, we gonna lose etc. Just a bunch of negative things and constantly trying to forfeit. At the very beginning of the game he already gave up. It was very frustrating to play with someone like that. Why is he even playing if he has that mindset at the very start of the game where no one has died or anything. I've heard of players who say gg after dying and losing first blood, but this is ridiculous. It makes me not want to play this game when you have someone like that who you can't control and no matter what you do, you can't win because that one person just wants to be negative and not want to try to win.
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