Why is verbal conduct punished so much more harshly than leaving/inting?

Sure, neither are desirable behaviors. But if someone gets out of line verbally, I mute him and enjoy my game. Yesterday, I had a top lane go 0-11-0 in 20 minutes. He was charging down the lane feeding. I reported him, didn't get an alert that a player was punished, so I assume he's getting away with it. This was truly inting, he flashed under towers for no reason. And I get a 10-day chat restriction for the following. This is literally unbelievable that this text has resulted in a 10-game chat ban. So we're no longer able to even ASK if someone who IS INTING is inting? That's reportable? Meanwhile, I got called the N-word and f*ggot yesterday. Again, no punishments popping up when I log in this morning. Riot, you are backward in your punishment. Players calling out griefers should be literally THE LAST to be punished. Punish the people who actively lose games. Punished the people throwing out hate speech. It's such a joke that all you care about is chat behavior. In-Game 5 Dollar Holler: >.< 5 Dollar Holler: you'd have regen it back 5 Dollar Holler: guess not so easy 5 Dollar Holler: low elo 5 Dollar Holler: soraka is a stronger healer than sona, yes 5 Dollar Holler: 6 deaths in 12 mins... 5 Dollar Holler: udyr should we assume you're int? 5 Dollar Holler: oh ok 5 Dollar Holler: udyr you have to alter your play style 5 Dollar Holler: yep 5 Dollar Holler: can we forfeit? Udyr is clearly griefing. 5 Dollar Holler: he already admitted to inting so meh. Dont feed the troll 5 Dollar Holler: yeah 5 Dollar Holler: oh well 5 Dollar Holler: lol 5 Dollar Holler: i cant say i have ever gone 0-11-0 at any point 5 Dollar Holler: id have to really troll 5 Dollar Holler: GG. Thanks for reporting Udyr Post-Game 5 Dollar Holler: legit nothing can be done, just report
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