Amazes me how trash Riots matchmaking is when it comes to reading its own data

Came back from a hiatus and decided to play some Ranked since normally when I play that I at least get evenly matched games most of the time. Had to do my placements but in the past they balenced out around game 3 or 4 NOPE Games 1 to 8 I was fighitng High golds + Plats all the time, Even when part way through Riots system is all "Yeah I'd say you're around a Silver 2 with the one role you que for (Support) " it STILL puts me against high gold and plats. Like I'm humbled your system thinks as such but if your saying I should be Silver 2 put me with other silvers, hell put me with gold 5s but don't think for a second that I am Plat level, I have never gotten remotely near that in any of the seasons I played. Also first game out of my placements....Gold and Plats Can Season 10 be just a brand new matchmaking system? no big shake-ups to the games mechanics just...a good matchmaking system?
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