League Needs this

I have been playing a lot of League of Legends, and would like these improvements: _"Player Move Only Click"_ Why does a game does not have move command, it baffles me. I don't want to attack with the move command. I use "Player Attack Move Click" to attack and “Player Move click” to move. It's really annoying when you start attacking when you want to move. A command for only moving your champion and not doing anything else, is fundamental. If I am running away I don't want to accidentally hit anything. _"Player Attack Move Click" + "Target Champions Only"_ I don't understand why when you have "Target Champions Only" pressed you can auto attack minions or monsters with "Player Attack Move Click" it defeats the purpose of the key. These two keys should be allowed to be used together. _"Player Attack Move Click" should attack monsters_ You want to kill the Rift Scuttler on the river, well... you can’t use "Player Attack Move Click" unless the cursor is exactly over the monster. The idea of "Player Attack Move Click" is to attack something closer to your cursor, but not monsters apparently. _Items should remember the item slot_ The game should remember your preferred item slot for your item. Every item with an active should remember its position, i'm tired of moving my potions, zhonyas, BORK, etc. No, I will NOT create an item set for each champion. Also if I upgrade my boots, why do they change item slot, if you upgrade an item it should remain in the current slot. _Teammate bans_ If you have a champion selected your team should not allow that champion to be banned. It just creates tilted players before the game begins. Also, you should be able to report toxic/troll players in champion select. _Semi-Locked + “Center Camera on Champion”_ “Center Camera on Champion” does nothing with Semi-Locked Camera. If you press this key it should reset the current position of the semi-locked camera to the center of the champion location. _“Auto Attack” Toggle_ There should be a key that turns on/off auto attack. Depending on which champion im playing i have to go to options, game, turn off auto attack, click yes. A key for toggling “Auto Attack” without the need to go into options would me much better. No, I will not use “Player Stop/Hold Position” _“Hijacking” players in game_ The timers to forfeit the game should be lower than 15 minutes. You should be able to Forfeit a game with less votes. I’ve seen many players just giving up, afk farming just so you are not able to report them. You should not be forced to play, if your team is playing off-meta champions/builds that didn’t work, and don’t want to Forfeit. I know comebacks are rewarding, but sometimes quitting this game should be an option. _Auto-Accept games_ Have you ever have to click “accept” more than 5 times in a single minute. There should be something better for accepting games. Before going into queue you should be able to select role, champion, runes.
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