The Climb, elo hell, and a question.

I soloed my way from iron 4 to silver 4 in a lil over a week. I won 6 promo games, lost 4, made S on 3 game, the rest I made no lower than a A- ,no clue how is that an iron 4 placement??????? Once I got to silver I was hard stuck, and it's never their fault for getting killed. It's always someone else fault they die, no matter if its the sup blaming top for not telo-ing in while the telo was on CD. I play mid just so I only have to roam and be ready for jung ganks. But no way I am gonna go in with no mana and half hp, they still go tower dive when you're pinging stop and pinging your mana bar at 5%. Don'y blame me for thinking your invincible. But I don't say a thing, I just keep playing trying to out farm or get a kill to make up for the free kill given to my lane. But lord in every game someone rages and rages at other people for their really needless death. I never had a warning or anything on my account, I try to be a clam player . But sometimes I leave a game thinking WTF am I just playing with 10 year olds. Plus what is the use of trying to climb if they stick me in the lowest elo there is. I just stopped trying cause I already climbed 2 elos and don't wanna deal with the climb anymore. I did 2 flex games I won both with S and know what elo I am surprise IRON 4. I never played flex before. So again what is the use of climbing if I am going to be placed in the lowest elo even when I win and get S or A on my promos, and have to climb from the bottom every time. I can never learn to be a better player if all I play against is a lot of people who are on the cusp of getting better. I am lucky if I get a gold player to play against in draft, to try to learn from experience. There a rant and questions. BTW all these but the flex were solo Q.
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