annoying people i have to deal with in blind pick

So I am playing ezreal no matter what role i get picked. This stupid ass caitlyn is being an annoying as person in chat saying im bad this and that im the reason we lose etc. Well anyway, first game i play, the shaco literally is afk the entire game so even tho im fed, it's my fault. I start saying i wanted to farm mid not go for water drake so she says stop complaining even tho it was her fault we all went to contest and she died first. I reported, of course nothing happens. I go next game, and the same caitlyn is in the same game. So she starts complaining and i say stop complaining and she says no so basically a hypocritical bitch. Anyway, I ignore her all game. At end of game we win, she is saying good job to our volibear, they arent like some people aka me. even tho in both games, i did good. the stupid ass cait just wanna be an annoying snarky bitch. fuck you. i would cuss you out irl and you would shut the fuck up irl but i cant say shit in game cuz ill get banned lol.

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