Riot can't got the matchmaking right even after all these years

Just a vent at this point. Gotta love how after so many years Riot still hilariously fails at any semblence of good matchmaking. Decide to play a normal and what is in my first game? A bunch of Silver and gold randos vs a 5 man premade with 2 plats yeah sure Riot thats balenced right? a group of people who have never met before and odds are will never meet again against a 5 man premade who are communicating, Are you serious? shit their lowest ranked player was Silver 1, You are telling me that in a game with over 100 million players you literally cannot not only match this 5 man premade with another premade but you also can't match silvers/Golds vs other Silvers/Golds? is you matchmaking that inept? Ok next game and what a suprise! Silvers and golds against 2 plats but yeah that is TOTALLY fair matchmaking, I can say with 100% Certainty that my MMR is not high enough to warrent that shit and I doubt any of the other players in my team had the MMR or skill to topple 2 plats, oh but my other team were a 4 man premade, Its funny I thought the idea was premades go up against better opponents but it seems to me that statement was outright bullshit Your matchmaking is a fucking joke that it's amazing that you entice people with "oooo look at this rework" "ooooo new skins!" and can't get a functioning matchmaking system when other games can have a more balenced experience alrighty done venting
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