Friend had to force name change on something that wasn't bad at all.

My friend had the username "angel loli" Nothing wrong with that right? Wrong. Riot forced her to change her name because of reports. She's had it for a while and I think it's honestly just ridiculous. Riot even apologized that "not everyone thinks the same" and the rioter in the support ticket obviously didn't think it was too bad, But the real kicker is that my brother has a kid on his friends list that i hate, who has the name "JumontheCews." you'll figure it out. If that's not deemed offensive enough for a namechange idk what is. cause he's had it forever. So your telling me, Angel Loli permits a name change but Jumonthecews Doesn't.. If you still haven't figured it out btw. It's cumonthejews reversed.
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