Remake shouldn't be a vote

You're down 1 person and especially if it's your carry winning a 4 v 5 is an exception not the norm yet you need to vote to say "hey so this 5 v 5 game isn't a 5 v 5 so lets end this one" It doesn't matter if one of the 4 is getting fed because you are still at a massive disadvantage in team fights, in objective control, in lane pushing, and you can say "well the fed person makes the other team basically have a 4 v 4" no it doesn't because 1. there is not a gaurentee that will happen, 2. The opponent in the same lane as the player which never connected gets free uncontested farm or forces the jungler down there removing jungle pressure 3. that stomped player is still doing something be it lane pushing or dealing damage and CC. Why the hell is remake not an automatic thing which happens?

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