when teammates make stupid decisions

So we have a shaco afk, cait is farming bot with no wards out alone, the enemy is going for water drake so cait wants to contest meanwhile minions are knocking on the door of our inhib at mid because mid inhib is down. I have two choices because i just arrived at base aftering b. If i go mid and farm the mid minions, i protect my inhib and i get farm. If I go help contest drake, it's only a water drake in a 4v5 so it's not really too worth it especially when we most likely will die after for water drake since it's 4v5 scenario. I go help because I know if i were to be farming mid, everyone would ping mia on me after they all are dead. It's a lose lose situation. I hate when people make stupid decisions but i have to suffer for it. It was just not a good reason to contest water drake period, wtf are you guys doing?
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