Why riot's match making sucks and punishes players who do well.

I've been constantly getting noobs on my team feeding and feeding and feeding. It's just they are bad and it's not their fault. It's riot's fault for putting them with me on my team against better teammates. Just look at my last match. Yes we didn't have a jungler, but I can't even win 5v4. Their xin was afk disconnected and we still lost because irelia was a fucking noob who played like shit who would just sit back most of the fights doing nothing but walking back because she is fucking scared of the air around her. Built wits end first cuz she against a lux and lost. Bot lane the sivir had no map awareness and would keep split pushing bot even though 4 people are at mid. Then would randomly ult and engage as the adc against 4 people and die. The zilean was okay but he is support, not much he can do to carry. Akali did okay but again, we got irelia who literally sits back doing absolutely nothing just walking up and down. Even during a fight she wastes time walking up and down instead of attacking. I am not saying she trolled and intentionally lost on purpose. The problem is since i was destroying noobs with nasus in my 3 games before i finally lost as nasus, riot's match making bots saw that I was carrying and winning games that I wasn't estimated to win. So they constantly try and try to give me more and more feeders until I hit a wall and can't carry as nasus or yi or whatever carry champ I want to play. I always hit that wall. And as proof that the match making is a piece of garbage and designed to punish good players and force them to lose, it shows because every game I get feeders and this last game that I played as nidalee, we lost a 5v4. That's just sad. We can't win cuz irelia is a piece of shit and more importantly, it's because riot's match making is a piece of shit for putting someone as noob and beginner as the sivir and irelia on my team. Fuck your match making. It fucking sucks. Give us an option to have longer queue for a more accurate and close match instead of a 1 sided game where we my teammates are so bad that someone on the enemy team could literally afk disconnect and they would still win. Fuck you. I'm going to play street fighter. At least in street fighter, the only problem I deal with is lag. Other than that, if I go against a noob, he is getting fucked in the match and I will stomp him tbag him and win and feel good cuz i know im better player. League, doesn't matter if you are better player, it matters if you get lucky to have the better team because of match making being complete and utter trash.
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